As Christmas draws closer, you might be looking into what tasks you have ahead of you. The sooner plans are put in place, the more you will be able to get done in advance. When looking into the Christmas period, you might also choose to make the most of sales, such as Black Friday, to help your money go that bit further.

Christmas is known to be both expensive and busy, with a lot to do in a short space of time. There are several plans you can put into place now that might allow for a little downtime later.

Order Presents in Advance

When you know what people want for Christmas, it can be a great idea to order presents ahead of time. Not only does this help prevent disappointment should an item prove to be popular, but you can also keep an eye out for sales in the run up to the Christmas period.

If you are struggling with what to get, particularly for children, you can use websites such as Wicked Uncle that list presents by age, to save you extra time. This way you don’t need to trawl through endless pages looking for something appropriate for their age range.

Freeze Food

Your food for Christmas could also be stored ready for the day. Here, you have a few options. Some items you might be able to buy and make in advance. These can then be frozen up until needed. Other items may need to be frozen immediately, and then thawed and cooked closer to Christmas. It is important that you check freezing times, as these can vary depending on the item. One workaround might be to freeze the item now, defrost and cook it later, then freeze the cooked product, if suitable.

Dried and canned foods are also good products to buy in advance, as these often have a shelf life of months or even years. Providing you have the space in your pantry, these can be kept until needed without any fuss.

Clean as You Go

Rather than leaving all your cleaning and tidying to be done simultaneously with last minute cooking shopping and wrapping, you could get bits done beforehand. Some jobs, such as vacuuming, will need to be done regularly anyway, however others, such as cleaning out your gutters, can be done as and when required. Prioritizing cleaning that is essential to your home’s stability and safety is key. Also, undertaking smaller tasks, such as cleaning your dining table and wiping kitchen counters, as you use them can help to maximize your efficiency.

Christmas can involve a lot of work, but by planning well in advance, and making the most of the time available to you, you should be able to reduce your workload. The better equipped you are in regard to what you need to buy and do, the less stressful the period should be, meaning you can join in with the celebrations.