Month three of our Peacock Vows. Read about how Michelle of Busy Weekends is doing with her goal!

I’m going to take the focus away from mail for a second. I know it’s only been two months, but I’m learning a lot about monitoring the progress of a goal once a month.

A Little Background

I am not much of a long-term goal setter. Of course some responsibilities require it and I can plan and execute long-term goals where necessary (work, important paperwork, life plan, etc), but when it comes to personal creative hobbies and such, I simply work better under a more casual, loose environment. I will be more productive if I do not have set goals. The reason for this is complex, but basically it allows me to prioritize those other long-term goals (work and so on) without being “unfair” to my creative side. Everything balances out in the end!

Unlike Mary, I am not a “list keeper” when it comes to goal setting. I like lists but I don’t tend to keep lists as a way to help me accomplish creativity.

So What?

Peacock Vows is, essentially, the monthly review of one item that is on our creative goals list for 2014, but I don’t have a creative goals list for 2014. As I mentioned, my creativity isn’t structured that way. Because of that, Peacock Vows is an enormous challenge for me; I don’t feel ambitious about making sure I have enough pretty mail to show off every month, but if I’m being very casual about it, that means that I might not have anything to show off.

I’m determined to make it work, but because it’s such a new method of getting through a goal, it has been very difficult for me to keep up with it.

Peacock Vows: Feb 15 to Today!

Though the mail I’ve been sending has been beautiful– moreso than the mail I sent last year– I haven’t been sending much. I didn’t participate in LetterMo this year, and I spent most of last month taking online classes, adjusting to a new job, and gathering materials for the next Busy Weekends Creative Kit.

In Mary’s update for the month, you’ll see that she’s been checking off a lot of list items and putting a lot of effort into accomplishing her goal!

Me? I’ve only sent one or two things in the last month and I don’t have much to show you! I’m understanding better how quickly time passes when you break your year up into set month-long blocks and try to reflect on things you’ve done– I could tell you all the other things I’ve done with my free time but that’s not what this is about.

So here’s my Peacock mini-goal! I am going to make at least six pieces of mail per month to show you all when I come back to update. Parcels, letters, whatever else… I am going to cut out the time to keep up with my beautiful mail project!

This wasn’t really mail so much as it was a mail-related project: We keep a mailbox inside our home so we can exchange letters and I “sent” my boyfriend 7 letters and gifts in the week leading up to his birthday.

Using the leftover stationery from last month finally!

Some spring-inspired mail and a long overdue package to Love Parcel.

I also left some hearts around town that were sent to me from the Creepy Hearts Club! Visit the site to get your own– spread the love, or find another creative use for the little critters. It may not seem mail related but I do think of it as a mail project!

Peacock Brigade

How have your goals been coming along? Anything you’re learning about your creative process? What measures are you taking to get through your Peacock Vows every month? Let us know in the comments!