If you are a content creator, whether you have a blog or you make other digital content, you may be looking for a way to get your content to more people. Maybe you have a niche that you know many people enjoy, but you are not getting the views or visits to your website that you have hoped for. 

If you are in this position, you may find hiring someone who is experienced in SEO (search engine optimization) content beneficial.

How Does It Work?

Hiring someone to do some writing for you or to review your content with SEO expertise can help get your content seen by more people. It works quite simply by hiring an individual, or a company, such as Highrise Links, who will work with you to get either blog posts or other formats of writing completed in a way that will get more people to see the work. 

Companies like Highrise Links have a team of writers they work with. The company works as a middleman, with you giving the brief and their writers working on getting more content for your website or another digital platform. 

This is a service you will have to pay for, so if this is something you are looking into, it is advisable to look at a range of companies to see what they can offer. But by choosing a company experienced in SEO, you will get the correct help to get your content seen through professional SEO services.

What Can I Get?

Many companies do not work with adult or illegal content, so if you are working with a niche that may be a little more controversial, you may have only a few companies, if any, available to help you. 

If you are a new company and just want people to write about what you do, this can be done for almost any niche that is not excluded; different companies will have different rules. 

However, most companies are unlikely to work with you if the content you want to create, the items you are selling, or the information you are trying to get people to view is illegal. This is mainly because they will be liable for the content if it is created.

Other than some things that companies will choose not to work with, such as mentioned above, you can have content created for almost anything. You may be a dog walker aiming to increase the ability of people in the local area to find you or a content creator for a specific audience, hoping to get more views. 

You can get well-researched content created to help get more people clicking on your links. 


A good way to get people to see what you do or to follow your links is simply by getting the right content out there. Whether you write a blog or you create something that you think people will want to see, you will get more people clicking on your website or content with SEO optimization. 

Writing your blog and having guest writers can also help get more diverse people to look at your content and show your brand.