It’s September 25th which means it’s time for the unusual holiday One Hit Wonder Day! A time to celebrate all those musical artists who unfortunately took the 15 minutes of fame a little too literally. I have a serious love for a lot of 90’s one hit wonders, and you’ll see that shine through on the playlist I made you to celebrate today! But there’s other ways to celebrate– check it out!

One Hit Wonder Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate One Hit Wonder Day

1. Call into your local radio station to request your favorite one hit wonder
2. See if any of your favorite one hit wonder artists have social media accounts and leave them some love
3. Make up your own amazing song, never to be followed by another hit
4. Look up all the one hit wonder artists from your state/area; SR-71 grew up down the street from me
5. Scour YouTube for some Pop Up Videos so you can learn more about the song/video from particular one hit wonders
6. Learn how to play a one hit wonder on the musical instrument of your choice
7. Listen to the entire album of a one hit wonder you liked and see if you can find any songs you like that just never made it to the radio
8. Come up with a list of newer artists on the radio now who you think (or hope) will be a one hit wonder
9. Put your hair in pigtails and do the Macarena
10. Listen to the playlist I made you with over 50 one hit wonder songs! Check it out below:

What’s your favorite one hit wonder?

Photo: Maura Housley