Every month I do a round-up of things I’ve found on the internet that have made me laugh or think enough to share. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to add links in the comments.

  Colorful curtain photoshoot

A timeline of Charlie Kelly’s illiteracy on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Street artists striving to save the sharks with murals

A recap of the Synchroswim event I was in last weekend in DC

Mermaid school that a dozen of you sent me the link to 😉

  A beautiful RAOK project from TD Bank
The real reason your hair turns white

 Remembering how wonderful this is

The most important Vine you’ll see all month

Flowers in space are just as beautiful as you’d imagine

 Unicorn sprinkle shaker

Robin Williams street art in Dublin

Straight edge raves at sunrise? Yes please

One of the few kids who don’t annoy me

A secret tiny post office

Bottle caps turned into stunning images

Improv Everywhere’s newest mission: Subway Spa
The best kind of newborn photoshoot

Don’t forget to be the kind of grown up you want to be

Probably my new favorite song this month

 Belatedly discovering Hannah Hart and loving her

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What did you find on the internet recently that you can’t get enough of?