[This post is NSFW]

National No Bra Day is an unusual holiday observed on October 13th annually that is mainly intended to get people aware of breast cancer and get tested. While this is an incredibly important thing to do, there are plenty of benefits to not wearing a bra and other wonderful ways to celebrate not wearing a bra.

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10 Ways To Celebrate No Bra Day

1. Go out in your day without wearing a bra, or at least without a fancy super supportive underwire bra
2. Jump on a trampoline without a bra on — it’s actually super good for your boobs, and releases toxins in your lymph system
3. Follow Free The Nipple movements (attend a rally or protest, or hang a sign in your window)
4. Get a breast cancer screening or do a self-exam
5. Burn your bra
6. Create art out of your bra
7. Use your bra as a sling for pumpkin chunkin
8. Donate money to a breast cancer foundation
9. Write a journal entry to your breasts about why you love them
10. Go to a nude beach, nudist colony, kink party, or somewhere else where nudity is not only tolerated but accepted and embraced

How else can you celebrate No Bra Day?

Photo: Maura Housley