Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you have some fun plans tonight. Don’t forget to plan your underwear color! Yellow is meant to bring about success and prosperity, red represents love and romance, white is to fill your life with peace and harmony, and green promotes health and well-being.

2015 Resolutions For Everyone | Uncustomary Art

Today, I’m sharing fifteen resolutions that I feel can be applicable to everyone. They aren’t necessarily measurable goals, but more a way of living. If one of these resonates with you, you can click the link to tweet it! I’ve realized we tend to succeed more often when we let other people hold us accountable for our dreams and goals.

In 2015 …

I will move forward and continue to define myself.Tweet it!

I will not let the seasons, time of day, or opinions of other people influence what I want to do. Tweet it!

I will allow myself to be glamorous and fancy, even during “regular” activities. Tweet it!

I will practice kindness and compassion on a daily basis. Tweet it!

I will make an effort to acknowledge, enjoy, and celebrate the simple pleasures in life. Tweet it!

I will only post things on social media that will benefit others in some way. Tweet it!

I will embrace new experiences with optimism. Tweet it!

I will live in a healthy way. Tweet it!

I will not beat myself up for mistakes. I will learn from them. Tweet it!

I will purge my life of things I no longer need. Tweet it!

I will not stick out miserable situations to be polite. Tweet it!

I will share and spread the joy I find. Tweet it!

I will make time for relaxation. Tweet it!

I will do something creative every day. Tweet it!

I will surround myself with inspiration. Tweet it!

Here are my specific goals for 2015. Here’s to a fantastic new year! Why not kick off 2015 with a month of inspiring e-mails? And don’t forget to tell me your Top Ten Things about December 2014!