As I mentioned, I totally get why people don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make them or believe they have the power to work! You can change and improve your life at any point, and if now is when you want to do that, I say GO! DO!

New Year, New You | Uncustomary

We’re on Day Four of 2016 and I feel really good about it. I’ve started a lot of new things, like…

*I cleaned, organized, and decluttered my bedroom.
*I re-did and expanded my altar.
*I put away my Christmas presents.
* I got new calendars and notebooks and changes up my Happy Journal process.
*I wrote down specific, measurable goals for this year.
*I’ve prioritized work over partying.
*I started a new To Do List system that seems to be working way better.
*I’m starting to wake up earlier to get more done.
*I’m watching less TV.

I’m ready for this year. I’m in the middle of my Saturn Return and I feel it like a brick wall in the face. I also keep drawing The Chariot card (Tarot) over and over again without fail. On New Year’s Eve, I stood on Joe’s roof watching the Baltimore fireworks. I felt strong and calm as well as excited. I feel steady and determined about this year, because I’m going to kick ass. I feel like Leslie Knope as she stands in the elevator with Ben and he says, “Are you ready?” and she says, “No, but that’s never stopped us before”.

Speaking of new things, I’m going to be on Periscope this year on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (I’ll be talking about self love, witchy stuff, and happy lists respectively.) If you want to watch me live, follow me on the app @uncustomaryart. You can set it up to send you push notifications when I go live, or you can generally tune in somewhere in the realm of 10-11 am EST.

Remember the broadcasts only stay up for twenty-four hours, so be diligent with your viewing! You can even chat with me while I’m talking, it’s a pretty cool set up. And yes, that means today– Monday — there will be a broadcast up! Ah! You excited?!

I hope 2016 is treating you well so far! And don’t forget there isn’t too much time left for you to get a discount on my self love e-course.