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Recently, I’ve been trying to answer questions you all have asked me. One of my favorites was, “What’s on your Fucket List? A list of things you never want to try.” I thought that was a really interesting concept! There are so many things I desperately want to experience, there are more that I’d try if the opportunity presented itself, and there are some that I have absolutely no desire to get near with a ten-foot pole!

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you don’t want. There is a limited amount of time we have on this earth, and thought power in our minds. It’s totally fine to prioritize things in your life, to make room in your life for the things you crave, the things that bring you joy.

Today I’m going to share my “Fucket List”, it’s full of things that you might think “duh, of course you don’t want to do that”, and things that you might actually have on your real bucket list!

Fucket List

Run a marathon
Eat brains, testicles, or anything else I deem gross like snails
Climb Mount Everest
Get my eyebrow or septum pierced
Get stung by a jellyfish
Have/adopt a baby
Go hunting
Heroin, intervenous drugs
Shoot a gun
Kiss Mitt Romney
Auto-erotic asphyxiation
Stab someone
Go skiing
Buy supplies from a bathroom attendant
Get divorced
Get a breast enhancement
Be incarcerated
Go to Russia
Change a diaper
Donate blood
Have sex with a prostitute
Go to a wax museum
Fight a bear
Be a vegetarian
Go fishing
Pull hair out of a dog’s butt
Own a rat or ferret
Eat a ghost pepper
Shave my head
Have a life-threatening illness
Get black-out drunk
Smoke cigarettes
The Cinnamon Challenge
Eat poop
Go to space
Dye my hair blonde
Put a pet to sleep
Learn Latin
Watch someone give birth

Fucket List | Uncustomary Art

And here is a list of things I’ve already tried, but have no interest in doing again:

Go to church
Go to school
Do a belly flop in a pool
Watch Saw movies
Hang out with middle schoolers
Go to Canada
Ride that spinning circle carnival ride
Eat at Arby’s
Wear dress pants
Meet Ric Flair
Eat pot edibles

Okay, now I want to hear from you. Is there anything on my list that you enjoy doing or want to try? What’s on your fucket list?

Check out my real Bucket List.

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