I’m prone to getting dehydrated. I was hospitalized for it as a baby, and it can happen really quickly even today. My lips get white and my body starts shaking! I never remember to finish my drinks, though. I never have. I used to get constantly made fun of at my work for my ever-growing half-drunk water bottle collection. I don’t know what it is! Either way, I wanted to share some of my favorite drinks to get (and then never finish) with you.

My Favorite Drinks | Uncustomary Art

+ Monster Ultra (red)
+ Barq’s root beer
+ cool bottled water
+ yellow Gatorade
+ Dr. Pepper & Dr. Pepper Ten
+ IBC root beer
+ pink wine
+ raspberry Smirnoff & Sprite
+ raspberry smoothie from WaWa (discontinued)
+ lemonade
+ raspberry lemonade
+ apple juice
+ vodka, Sprite (& grenadine)
+ orange soda
+ white grape raspberry Welch’s
+ margarita on the rocks, no salt
+ blue drinks

What are some of your favorite drinks?