I pulled up to my house the same time the FedEx truck did. He paused and I yelled, “812?!” excitedly over the loud motor. He nodded and handed me the package I knew had to be the advanced copy of my book. I turned on Periscope and started recording.

My Book Came! | Uncustomary

In the video (which I’ve screen captured for multiple views in the future since Periscope takes things down after 24 hours), you can see me rip open the package out of breath to feel my book for the first time. (It’s so smooth!) I saw my name in print, I have ISBN number and copyright info! The edges of the book are a rainbow, just like the inside of my heart feels.

In the video you can see me break down and cry as I realize how hard I worked is finally paying off. This is an extremely overwhelming experience, and I can’t describe it aptly. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me make this book a reality, a tangible one I can hold in my hands. This Is About You: Amazing, Weird, Beautiful You.

My Book Came! | Uncustomary

As soon as I finished recording, I got in my car to take my dad my second copy at his work. He helped me immensely and I’m so so grateful. I inscribed it with words and glitter (of course).

My Book Came! | Uncustomary

My book is still on pre-order, and it would absolutely make my day if you ordered one for yourself. It’s $20 even with the coupon code “SPARKLE“, and the idea of me being in your home (I mean that in the best creepy kind of way) is so incredible to me.

I feel radiant, I feel infinite.

[Watch the video]

There are some FAQ’s about the book answered here. And you can also see me flipping through the book on Instagram.