Bare walls of home always haunt me; the mere look at them fills me with emptiness. A person like me who loves colors and happiness always seeks a way to decorate the walls to make them lively like I am. Paint, art painting on the walls, or wallpapers are something that really adds life to walls, but still, I feel a void—a craving for something that can really boost my confidence and reflect my personality and achievements. And I think nothing helps me, but canvas and metal prints do. 

Having a lot of digital photos of happy moments on your phone can’t let the connection be established; it’s just a trap in the virtual world. If you have canvas and metal prints, they not only preserve memories but are also a daily source of pride and inspiration, which boosts your self-esteem. Let’s see what other surprising physical and psychological impact the art has on us. Discover how adorning your walls with canvas and metal prints can be more than just decoration; it can be a confidence booster you never knew you needed. 

Art & Human Emotions

Art in any form has a very deep relation with humans. Whether it’s a person’s physical state, mood, or sense of well-being, art has always had a powerful but positive impact, as per research. 

Studies also reveal that art lowers cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone, and in addition to this, it triggers the release of dopamine, a monoamine neurotransmitter that improves a person‘s mood, lowers stress, promotes feelings of happiness, and encourages relaxation. Moreover, the lowering of blood pressure and heart rate are some additional benefits of looking at art. 

Among these benefits, the most exciting thing for me is to know that art boosts self-esteem; let’s see how. 

How Canvas & Metal Prints Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Personalized canvas and metal prints are a great source of boosting self-esteem, but they give significant advantages specifically to children. David Krauss, a psychologist, once co-authored a study about photography’s effects as therapy and enhancing self-esteem. According to him, family photos make children happy and tell them that they are important to their families. 

Moreover, such photos show them that they are meaningfully connected to everyone else in the picture, whether friends or family. If you hang such photos in your child’s room, they feel more safe and secure. Having plenty of such canvas prints tells them that their rooms are safe places for them, where they can do whatever they want and may let their imagination and curiosity fly freely. Moreover, photo collages showing your children’s growth and changes are another great entertainment for them. 

To boost their self-esteem, capturing their moments of achievement and canvas printing them by Smile Art Design and hanging them in their rooms or throughout the home are some other great ideas. 

Impact of Colors

Art and mental health are deeply connected; that’s why pictures on the wall work as a mood booster. Even the colors in your pictures, which people take for granted, greatly impact your mood by influencing emotions. Yellow, orange, or red are bright, warm colors that stimulate happiness and energy. On the other hand, if the pictures have subdued colors like purple, green, or blue, you can get a soothing effect. Here is the list of some specific colors, along with the feelings they pour into you.

  • Yellow: Happiness, Joy
  • Orange: Excitement
  • Red: Passion, Love
  • Purple: Imagination, Relaxation
  • Blue: Peace, Calmness
  • Green: Joy, Serenity, Balance
  • Gray: Calmness, Comfort
  • Pink: Tenderness, Love
  • Brown: Security, Comfort
  • White: Comfort, Hope, Calmness

Painting & Oxytocin

Images contain memories, and getting the opportunity to look at such lively photos often in a day is nothing but a great feeling. Whether it’s a family photo or a cute photo of your pet, it triggers the oxytocin release. How hectic your day was, or you feel a little low or disappointed, a hanging photo in your home can immediately boost oxytocin as its release is associated with connection, love, and relaxation. 

Why is Personalization Important?

Personalization is so important while decorating your walls. Famous paintings, abstract art, or oil paintings all bring joy to you and life to your home, but hanging a personalized photo is more soothing and relaxing and boosts your self-esteem. A photo of your favorite hiking tour, along with friends and family, positively impacts your home’s atmosphere. 

If you have a photo of a picnic party with your family, including your parents, grandparents, children, aunts and uncles, print it on a large canvas and hang it in your home. Believe me, this wall or part of the house will become the most loveable among your family members. They will love to sit there, talk about the event, commemorate the small details about it, laugh, smile and relive the moment. 

Gifting Canvas and Metal prints

Gifting a wall art, canvas print, or metal print or having pictures of family or friends brings a lot of joy to the recipient. I think the best thing is to print some moments of the recipient’s big achievements to enhance their confidence further. Moreover, if you capture a moment of you and the recipient and print it on canvas or metal, it will boost their self-esteem, as they will feel their importance in your life whenever they look at the wall art. There is nothing better than gifting a canvas or metal print to your loved ones.

Benefits Of Canvas And Metal Prints

Between all these discussions, I can’t stop myself from discussing some of the benefits of canvas and metal prints. So, here they are:

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

If you surround yourself with metal and canvas prints of visuals that inspire and motivate you, it will significantly impact your self-perception. Seeing yourself hiking a dangerous hill in a canvas print fills you with self-confidence as it shows your adventurous spirit. Even a family photo on a metal print also gives you a warm feeling of being surrounded by a lot of love and support. These personalized visuals act as daily affirmations, subtly reminding you of your achievements, passions, and the things that bring you joy.

Reflects Your Style 

Home with personalized stuff makes it a reflection of your personality. If you add canvas and metal prints that resonate with your style, you create a space that feels uniquely you. If you hang a canvas print of a breathtaking landscape full of vibrant colors, it reflects your free spirit, and if you pick a black and white metal print with a classic watch, it shows your love and appreciation for timeless design. These canvas and metal prints not only showcase your taste but also subtly reinforce your sense of self.

Conversation Starter and Confidence Booster

As I have said before, canvas and metal prints are excellent conversation starters. The mere look at them sparks discussions about your experiences, interests, and passions. You can share stories behind those photos and celebrate your accomplishments, which develops a sense of connection and belonging that ultimately boosts your confidence. 

The Final Words

I love canvas and metal prints as decorative elements, but the power they add in the form of self-expression, motivation, and confidence building are truly magical. These prints help you to surround yourself with visuals that represent your passions, achievements, and loved ones, boost your self-esteem and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. So, to boost your self-esteem, let’s pick some of your favorite photos and transform them into amazing canvas or metal prints.