Monday Mailings

There’s nothing like a mail social to reignite your love of mail. On Thursday, I joined a bunch of enthusiastic and creative ladies at the National Postal Museum for the monthly mail social. We used the generous supplies provided for us to write letters and make celebratory mail for upcoming holidays, like Mother’s Day.

One of the letters I responded to while I was there was a long typed missive, written on old school register paper. It was a hit! Fun to read, too. Thanks so much to Jennifer, aka “JJ” in Portland for this delightful surprise.

Kim and I made friends with Sarah and Whitney while we worked. And I know no one believes me, but I brought an IBC root beer, not a real beer. You guys should know by now I only drink hard liquor and sexy wine. *wink*

If you’re waiting for a reply from me, it’s 95% probable that the letter is already written and is waiting for me to stuff it into an envelope later today. It won’t be long now, you beautiful penpal, you. I appreciate your mail!

Here are some of the things that I’ve been sending out recently:

If you’re interested in checking out previous mail socials, I’ve got you covered. Maybe take some time to write a postcard today. Michelle has some great tips for letter writing in her new blog series. And in other letter writing news, Donovan (of LWA) re-posted my 50 Things To Tell Your Penpal. She’s a gem.