As much as my enthusiasm for mail was re-sparked when I went to San Francisco for the Ex Postal Facto events, I haven’t felt like photographing mail lately! (A lot of it has to do with it being winter, honestly. I like taking pictures in natural light since my house isn’t ideal for capturing the beauty of the missives you send me…but there’s been so much snow on the ground!) I definitely have still been sending, though! In February I sent:

111 postcards
44 envelopes
7 packages
= 162 total

I do have some things to show you, though!


These envelopes were made by Philip Carey, who I previously mentioned. He was one of the vendors at XPF, selling mail art he makes while he sits through dialysis three times a week! Aren’t they gorgeous? I bought three and sat down immediately to write letters for Michelle, Suzie, and April. I had to make sure they didn’t have the opportunity to get hoarded!

Here are some more letters that I sent on my last day in San Francisco. Man, the weather sure was beautiful that day. It seems so long ago now.

These are some more recent things I’ve sent. Karen sent me a big load of envelopes made from a book that I’ve been using lately. I also dug all the way to the back of my washi tape drawer and rediscovered some gems! NICE FRUIT!

Yeah,  I might have gone a little overboard with decorative tape, but it’s fine! The envelope on its way to Sara has glittery tape that is raised off the paper a little bit, and I hope it makes it to Switzerland safely!


Look at all this color! I’m always into the clear envelopes that Linsey sends me, and the bottom two postcards are just so cool!

Lots of large envelopes! Thanks Rob, Annie, Miki, and Sara.

In love with the sparkly belated valentine from Allison, and this washi tape from Trine in Norway! Oh, and yes. That is some mail from Terra Candella. I’m super famous now.

I’m regretting not snapping a shot of the back of the bottom right envelope. The clasp involved glittery gold string. It’s beautiful, I assure you.

Some postcards from fellow San Francisco visitors and a memento of Erica celebrating National Pancake Day!

Lots of stuff going on here! Yes, those mustaches were sent as-is from Paula in California. What a fantastic surprise!

Loved these postcards so much I had to use them again to frame the Tootsie Roll package sent from Jennifer in Portland. You guys spoil me!

What’s been in your mailbox lately?