Happy Monday! I had a great weekend and I hope you did too. Did you celebrate the Chinese New Year yesterday? A lot of people, like Pamela, use this holiday as inspiration for mail art! I want to share some of the stuff that I’ve been receiving and sending in terms of mail this week.


So many packages! I was worried when the postal worker brought out the two big packages because I recognized them from sending out my teacup parcels, but Marguerite & Mim both just re-purposed the boxes to send me goodies like yarn and more yarn!
I received some letters from participants of LetterMo! It’s so great that so many people are doing this!
And I also got my order of vintage postage stamps from Murph!
One of the boxes in the above picture was a matchbox that Andria sent me for a personal swap! The box itself was Valentine’s Day themed. My favorite thing amongst the itty bitty trinkets was definitely the mini can of peas!
Olivia is a great personal to exchange mail with. She recently experienced a personal tragedy and has been out of the mail game, but I didn’t stop sending her stuff. She sent me this awesome paper bag book full of letters and goodies to “make up” for it (which she didn’t need to do, obviously). But I LOVE it!
See? There are pockets.
As well as a pretty awesome certificate for myself. 🙂


A bit of a golden/yellow theme with packages lately… I also did a de-stash and sent 9 of the neon yellow envelopes to random people on Etsy! I hope they like them. 🙂

Going out today is a water bottle that I’ve saved for a long time because the packaging is so cute. I filled it up with scrabble tiles, paper squares, and confetti and sent it to Jaclyn aka the Confetti Monster.

What’s been in your mailbox lately?