It’s been two weeks since I showed what I’ve been sending and receiving. I’m so glad so many people are participating in LetterMo and InCoWriMo this month. I’m not officially participating, because I didn’t want the pressure of another daily project this month… but I’m sure I’ll send 28 letters in February. I love seeing everyone’s pictures of outgoing missives on Twitter and Instagram, so keep ’em coming!


a very sweet package from Pamela with a “pleasure” rubber stamp and postage pouch, clip art wonders from Karen, fun envelope/letter from Melinda, awesome pouch choo-choo mail from Marguerite, and the unmistakable black and white postcard style of Rose

really fun sewn booklet from Sarah, LetterMo postcard from Donovan, thank you card from Casey, pink Zooey envelope from Miki, postcard from Kasey, and huge lovely love postcard from Erica
thank you postcard from Jane, lovely blog appreciation postcard from a very sweet reader, fun shiny stationery from Athanasia, dino postcard from Karen, letter from Meg, lots of words from Rob 
close up on the postcard from Jane
wonderfully space wrapped package from Janice — full of awesome hospital labels that I shall turn into stickers & other fun thingsOutgoing

stacks of Valentines are en route to you all 🙂

my Great Aunt sent me a big package of teacups that she wanted to give my grandmother before she died. I can’t keep them all, so I sent one to April, Marguerite, Monica, and Mim. I was excited to be able to use themed postcards from a pack I bought at a discount bookstore a couple years ago.
What’s been in your mailbox lately?

What are your feelings on Postcrossing?
I recently requested five addresses from there for the first time in almost a year. I posted about it on Twitter and it’s interesting the kinds of reactions people have towards Postcrossing. Some people feel that the users of that site are far too picky and they’d rather use their postage and supplies to send to someone who they know will appreciate it. Others really like the variety of people you can interact with and don’t mind spending $1.10 on postage for a stranger across the world. I get both sides. Thoughts?