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Are you the type of person who loves to see their house get better with every season?

If you are, then you will definitely be interested in the information this article presents. With every season, trends change and those in vogue fade away. If you are interested in ensuring your house keeps looking modern, then you would love to know the current modern interior design trends that will alter the way your home looks in the next few years.

If you are also currently looking to update your home’s look, then you definitely need to see these trends!

Modern Interior Design Trends That Will Transform The Look Of Your Home In A Couple Of Years

Sharp Furniture

Furniture with sharp lines and thin corners has become a major trend in interior designs.

This is nothing similar to the older interior designs, which attempted to give the home a warm and cozy feel, by using round edges and smooth shapes.

When we talk of furniture, those in every part of the house, especially the bedrooms (which serve as a place of rest and sleep) are of great importance. Great beds need a balance of great mattresses. To get a great mattress, check out the Purple 2-3-4 mattress review by Sleep Delivered.

Neutral Colors

In the past, neutral colors did not make homes look trendy. Rather, neutral colors were looked upon as bland and perhaps an indicator that the owner of the house wanted to sell the house. However, these current trends have moved from the use, as well as the combination of bright colors.

Neutral colors are perhaps becoming a trend because on the overall, interior trends are now in line with the slogan “less is more”. Interior designs with neutral colors are friendly to the eyes and do not make a house look too busy. However, this doesn’t mean that colors are now totally out of vogue. Rather, colors are now used in little pops here and there.

Dark Bathrooms

In the past, bathrooms that were all bright and many a time, the tiles were usually white. However, at the moment, dark bathrooms with cupboard spaces within them are a thing.

This trend now makes bathrooms seem more sophisticated and the dark colors with the combination of clean lines are very modern.


The use of glass interior designs is a trend that will go on in the next few years.

The glass allows all designs look very modern, and it is a material that gives a classy and expensive look. It makes environments airier too.


In recent times, butterfly decors have been a trend for wall decorations. Once upon a time, the use of Butterflies used to be limited to children’s bedrooms or nurseries. Asides this, butterfly paintings used to be displayed as artwork and personal artistic endeavors.

However, this is not the case anymore as it is now something people wish to have as decorations in their home since they make an attractive trend. The use of butterfly-themed decorations is considered graceful. It also gives an optimistic feel. This may be the reason why they are now becoming a trend.

Since neutral colors, sharp furniture and clean lines are now trendy, butterflies act as a great color splash to throw light on things.

Faux Finish

Commonly, people use a faux rug in front of their fireplace. However, this season is different as faux literally taking over everything.

Faux finishes can now be found everywhere; from carpets to rugs, to chairs, couches, curtains, tables, blinds, and in fact, to ceiling beams.

The advantages of using faux finish are endless. Faux leather sofas are more friendly than leather. They also have the benefit of lasting longer, and can also be treated for flame retardation amongst others more easily.

Fake wood is also less expensive when it is compared to the price of real wood. It doesn’t also present with kind of issues real wood may have, such as rotting or termite-infestation.

In the case of a fake rug, it also does not need an animal to lose its life for the rug’s production. This is a huge benefit, especially for the environment.

Modern Interior Design Trends That Will Change Your Home In The Next Few Years | Uncustomary

Final Thoughts

Embracing these new trends alone is enough to transform your entire house. Keep up with these trends and let your house stay modern. The best part is the fact that these trends have come to stay for the next few years.