Mental health issues are not just bad days, as the people widely tag them. Mental issues are health issues, just like any other disease. But unlike other health issues, like flu, cough, or heart problem, mental problems are hard to register. A person undergoing depression or anxiety behaves as if he is just having a bad day, but in reality, there is a whole battle going on in his head.

Mental health issues are more prevalent in the corporate world because people have to undergo a lot of stress related to work. The burden of approaching deadlines, quest to earn bonuses, and struggle to do the best in monthly reports can shove anyone in the dark dale of depression. But don’t let your employees linger in depression forever. Lend them a helping hand to come out of it

Every company should take responsibility to improve its employees’ mental health issues to promote a healthy work environment and wellness of its workforce.

Here are given tips to help you improve the mental wellness of your staff:

Initiate Counseling Sessions:

Many companies care about employees’ physical health as they offer a dental plan and drug rehabilitation coverage. That’s great! But spending on hiring mental health services for your employees is equally crucial because physical fitness programs only work if the person is also mentally fit. These mental wellness services offer special counseling sessions, based on dialogues and discussions that aim to bring workable solutions and break barriers of treatments.

Promote Healthy Environment:

Besides counseling, try to build a healthy environment that discourages overburdening employees and creating an unhealthy competitive environment. Break a strict top-down hierarchy system that hinders employees from speaking out their hearts. In short, break down any such element that can make your employees stressed out, and burdened.

Don’t forget to acknowledge their hard work, and make them feel valued through little actions of bonuses and giveaways. Here are the 7 key ingredients to a corporate gifting strategy. Your concern and acknowledgment will have a huge impact on the perspective and mood of your employees that will overall trigger mental wellness.

Design Comfortable Work Place:

Surroundings and work conditions matter a lot in defining the mental health equation of the employees. An employee sitting on an uncomfortable chair for 9 hours can only produce weeds in his mind. So, investing a bit in uplifting the work environment of an employee doesn’t hurt much because it will promote the employees’ mental condition and productivity.

You don’t need to hang artistic paintings and put hundreds of dollars sofa set in the resting area to call your workplace excellent and comfortable. Offering better lighting, comfy chairs, and making good work stations can help change the bottom line of the work environment for good.

Break Stigmas About Mental Health:

Most employees don’t come out and talk about mental health issues because society has stigmatized psychological problems. People either call it a drama, behavioral issue or personal choice of people to stay this way, despite that it is neither drama nor their choice. It is an illness!

You should promote conversation about mental health issues in your workplace, call motivational speakers, and help depressed employees come out and seek help to get better and live a normal life.

Take Away!

It’s time to focus on your employees’ mental issues and make them feel energized and comfortable. It will bring many positive changes to the productivity and growth of the company.

Mental health issues are not something that we should take lightly. In only Canada, 1 out of 5 person experiences serious mental illness at some point in age. It means that it is high time that we should start taking this issue seriously instead of tagging it as ‘just a bad day.’