Although mental health is not visible, it distinguishes a successful and effective person from one who is in a low spirit and does not want to do anything. Every year the number of people suffering from depression, unexplained anxiety, and other mental disorders is only growing. AI has been able to change this environment for the better as well. AI-powered mental health apps provide a wide range of benefits that traditional services may not be able to offer. So, let’s take a closer look at mental well-being and self-care apps.

The benefits of mobile mental wellbeing apps

Here are the benefits you can get if you use mental health apps:

  • Personalized support: Mental health apps leverage AI algorithms to analyze data and are great Symptom Checker. Based on them, chatbots are able to give individual advice, as if you were going to a doctor. They can track mood, sleep quality, physical activity, and everything else that affects health.
  • Accessibility and convenience: Fast and affordable support is what everyone who cooperates with doctors and psychologists lacks. The application can be launched in one click on your device and the time of day does not matter.
  • Affordability: This is a much more cost-effective health option than psychologists. Although they are not competitors, they perform similar tasks.

Mental Health Apps

Although applications use health technology to improve the mental state of a person, they are not a panacea. To ensure personal growth and consistent well-being, it is recommended that you go beyond applications alone. Try subscribing to related blogs and don’t be afraid if they ask you to allow Chrome on Mac to pop up, it’s for your own good. Useful newsletters, tips, discounts and more – all this will help you achieve your goal.

#1 Ooca

In order to create an accessible telehealth network throughout the region and beyond, Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch, a Thai doctor, developed Ooca, the country’s first mental health platform. The app was created to address the significant inequality in healthcare availability in rural areas and to provide mental health support to remote people. Its highly engaging and semi-automated service connects mental wellness coaches to people who are located away so they can effortlessly consult with experts while relaxing in their homes and private areas.

#2 Neurum

Meet Clara, the chatbot that accompanies you throughout your day. She helps you break free from negative thinking patterns by identifying them and guiding you through exercises to overcome them. With Clara as your virtual best friend, you can navigate and refine your approach to mental well-being based on your own values and needs.

#3 Awarefy

The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methodologies have been included into the platform of Awarefy, a mental wellness software created in Japan that adopts a conscious yet instinctive approach to health. It takes into account Japan’s worsening mental health, where an increasing number of people continue to experience stress and anxiety. The app is positioned as the best mental coaching solution for your everyday wellness and comes with a variety of features that are each specifically designed to satisfy different requirements and abilities. Each of its included programs was developed by subject-matter specialists.

Start your mental wellness journey with Awarefy, where you will find every essential tool, from sleep and meditation guides to daily affirmations to mental health check-ins, relationship assessments, discovering your trigger points, and more.

#4 Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an Australian app that promotes mindfulness through personalized wellness programs, catering to individuals with diverse mental health needs. It serves as an educational hub, guiding users on a holistic journey by introducing them to mindfulness practices and establishing the foundations of mental well-being. The app’s in-house programs, developed by a team of expert psychologists with extensive experience, offer a variety of informative modes and meditative functions to support users step-by-step.

#5 Thoughtfull

When it comes to mental health in Malaysia, there is a local startup called Thoughtfull that has come up with an application called ThoughtFullChat. This app acts as a mediator between healthcare professionals and people who are looking for support. With the help of its own technology, it assists users in connecting with their preferred health coaches using advanced algorithms. In addition to that, the app offers guided wellness features and personal journaling to provide further support. It even lets users track and celebrate their personal milestones, just like other HealthTech apps do.


Traditional medicine is important and will continue to exist. However, none of the specialists can be at hand all the time. AI can become the very personal assistant that will help maintain balance and mental health every day and every second. Those who wish to receive this support can obtain it simply by installing the application on their smartphone. With proper AI tuning, you can get accurate and personalized answers.