I believe in love a lot. I believe in love of all kinds, including romantic love. I’m not opposed to the idea of marriage, but I’m not sure it’s something I’ll do for myself for sure just because of the paperwork stuff that can get so messy. The thing is we can’t predict the future when it involves anyone else, no matter how we might feel right now. What weย do know is that we’re definitely going to be withย ourselves till the very end. We’re the only person we’re sure we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives with, and it’s super important that we’re invested in the relationship we have with ourselves.

Marry Yourself | Uncustomary

The idea of marrying yourself might seem silly. It doesn’t need to be a whole thing, though. It could just be a journal entry you write, a photoshoot you do, or a thought you sincerely make with your eyes shut. The idea of marrying yourself is something I bring up because we need to be ready to commit to our needs, our health, our life first and foremost. When we’re happy, healthy, and fulfilled then we’re in such a better place to give and receive love from someone else.

Marry Yourself | Uncustomary

The good news is you can marry yourself first and still get married to another person(s) later without needing an annulment, ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is an important, beautiful, symbolic gesture you make to yourself that you’re in love with who you are now and you’re going to make your happiness a priority for the rest of your life.

Marry Yourself | Uncustomary

So if you were going to right vows to yourself what would they say? What do you promise to yourself from here on out?
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Photos: Maura Housley