Local Tips To Stay Safe When Exploring San Francisco At Nights | Uncustomary

San franciso nights are one of the most lucrative attractions that have carved their place in almost every tourist’s bucket list who wants to explore the USA. 

But as you prepare to set off for the city of music, culture, technology, diversity, and picturesque views, San Francisco can be a bit tricky to navigate. A lot of travel time is involved with subway systems and loads of traffic. 

As more and more Silicon Valley businesses are camping up nearby, a steady rise in living costs is also witnessed.  However, that does not mean San Francisco is a land that can’t be visited. You have to keep certain things in mind and follow them to ensure a trouble-free trip


  • Avoid Transient People – When you visit San Francisco, you may come across transient people. The SFPD has a special unit to address this issue. Still, it is advised that you avoid any confrontation with them, distance away, and call the cops by dialing 911 if you feel any emergency.


  • Take Care of Your Belongings (Like You Already Do Whenever You Step Out) – Don’t leave belongings unattended. If you do that, they can go missing. Keep your belongings close on public transport, too. This should be done no matter where you go for a tour, irrespective of whether it is San Francisco or not.


  • If Possible, Don’t Bring a Car – Looking after your car can impede your carefree fun when wandering around this city during the nights. That is why using public transportation, and hired cars are popular in San Francisco. Also, it is easier to get around in rentals. If you want to take a side trip, you should go ahead and rent a car for the day. In this case, you don’t have to worry about car security and also save parking money. 


  • Don’t Walk in Flashy Jewelry or with a Phone Unnecessarily – Remember that you would be an easy target if you look rich. This is true no matter where you go. After all, you wouldn’t want to worry more about securing your expensive accessories than enjoying the time. Though San Francisco is the city of tourists, it is still advisable to blend in to avoid being an easy victim to pickpocketing. 


  • Keep Away from Illegal Drugs – Remember that anything that is not cannabis is illegal. You have to be 21 to smoke cannabis, and even that can’t be done in public or public events. 


  • Know Where You Are Going – Even though San Francisco is mostly safe, there can be some tricky neighborhoods. Since there is a massive gap between the rich and poor, San Francisco has some areas that must be avoided. 

They include:

a) The Tenderloin – This is an area with a high rate of law-breaking activities. While tourists usually don’t end up there, you should still make it a point to avoid this area under all circumstances. 

b) Any Parks at Night – After dark, many parks turn into sleeping areas of the sketchy crowd and homeless. 

c) The Hunter’s and Mission Point – Both the areas show significant amounts of deviant activities. So, if you want to enjoy yourself without any negative experiences, try to stay away from these two areas. 

Though San Francisco is a safe city for tourists, these safety points, apart from the Covid 19 protocols, can take you a long way whenever you travel. To make the most of the fantabulous San Francisco nights, take the help of local guides to make the most of your trip. Remember, these are some mere glitches you can avoid with their help. And you can rest assured a trip to this place is completely worth it with just a little effort from you to stay safe.