Letting Go: The Key To Living A Happy Life Again | Uncustomary

True happiness is difficult to achieve, we know, but sometimes, it is because of the things we hold onto that can scupper our chances at finding that inner peace and joy that we long for.

To reclaim those happy feelings then, we need to let go. Here are just a few of the ways you might want to consider this in your life.

Let go of the people who bring you down

True friends won’t put you down, remind you of your failings, or say things to you that crush your feelings. So, if you have so-called friends who make you feel bad about yourself, let go of them. You don’t need them in your life. You don’t need those other toxic people in your life either, be they work colleagues, extended family members, or the people who follow you on social media. While you might not be able to drop them entirely, you can still give them less of your time, and you can refuse to listen to the terrible things they might say to you. So, let go of certain people and the words they say, and find your tribe elsewhere. Then benefit from the love and support they can offer you. 

Let go of your refusal to find help

If you know you need help, then get it. While you might worry about appearing weak in front of others, and while you might struggle to accept the fact that you do need support, you are only hurting yourself if you don’t reach out. So, think about yourself. If you are struggling with mental health issues, go and see your doctor, find a counselor, or consider the support provided by mental health treatment centers. Do the same if you have an addiction problem, and if there are any other areas where you might need practical or emotional support, research the avenues of support available to you, and open up about your problems to your family and friends. Asking for help is the first step you need to take to get yourself back on track, so stop procrastinating, and grab onto the support that others can give you.. 

Let go of past mistakes

Hey, you’re not perfect, so stop berating yourself about mistakes you may have made in the past. By holding onto them, you are doing yourself little favors, as those feelings of guilt, shame, or failure will get in the way of your attempts to find happiness now and in the future. So, try to let go of those feelings. Accept the fact that you’re only human, and that the past is now behind you. Then remember all of those things about you that are good, those things that you have achieved, and the things that you have done to make the world a better place. Hold onto these things, and then make every attempt to live positively instead of negatively, as you will find that inner happiness if you do. 

Today then, let go, in whatever ways are appropriate to you. Get rid of those things that make you feel low, sad, and less than the real you. Take positive steps to help yourself, and give your mindset a switcheroo! You will then be one step closer to those feelings of happiness and joy, and one step closer to the true you!

Take care, and thanks for reading!