One of the things that I admire the most about my cat is that he’s always getting into new things, even though he never leaves the house. Since he was rescued, he’s been a completely indoor cat. Sometimes my dad will carry him outside to wave goodbye to me as I leave, but that’s the most outside action he gets. And yet, within the confines of our home, he finds different things to get excited about every single day.

Lessons We Can Learn From Bug

Learn to look with new eyes.
Find unconventional purposes for items you already have.
Nap upside down.
Constantly rotate your precious items (yarn, Rolodex cards, parts of stolen potatoes) in your secret hiding spot.
Pretend inanimate objects are alive.
Investigate anything new with the focus and attention you would give during a brain surgery.
Explore every crevice.
Rearrange your belongings, even if that just means knocking things to the floor.
Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.
Hide things just so you can rediscover them.
Use your imagination.
Embrace spontaneous excitement.
Show your love for others with gifts in their shoes (example: deflated balloons, stickers, & mushrooms).
Rub your cheek on objects with different textures.

The lessons are all around us. We have to be open to who our teachers are as much as we are open to the things we are learning. Bug sends you his love.

Does your cat do anything we can learn from?