Kratom, the natural herbal supplement derived from the wellbeing of the tropical tree Mitragyna speciosa, has garnered a loyal following among health enthusiasts and those seeking holistic wellbeing. Renowned for its potential to enhance mood, alleviate wellbeing, and boost energy, how you consume it is the key to unlocking its benefits. From traditional brews to modern blends, the spectrum of usage methods is as diverse as those using it. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or dipping your toes into this ancient tradition, having a guide to different methods of using kratom can make your experience more fun and effective. Therefore we have brought you some of the best methods to use kratom in the most effective manner. 

Traditional Toss-and-Wash

For the traditional purists, the toss-and-wash method reigns supreme. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Measure Your Dosage

First things first, measure out your desired serving using a scale. It’s crucial to be precise here to avoid overconsumption.

Step 2: Toss

Take a large sip of water and keep it in your mouth. Now, add your Kratom dose on top of the water — yes, still in your mouth — to create a gel-like mixture.

Step 3: Swallow

Avoid inhaling powder; take another big gulp of water and swallow the mixture. Be sure to drink more water to clear your mouth of any residual Kratom.

This method guarantees a swift delivery of its alkaloids, with effects often kicking in within 15 to 20 minutes. However, it can be unpalatable for some and challenging to get right without practice.


The tea method is a gentler means of ingestion, often preferred for its taste and the consistency brought about by the water. Here’s how to prepare Kratom tea:

Step 1: Boil Water

For every 1-2 grams of Kratom, use a cup of water. Bring the water to a gentle boil.

Step 2: Add Kratom

Once the water has simmered, reduce the heat and stir in the measured powder. Keep the mixture at a low simmer for about 15 minutes, ensuring not to boil it.

Step 3: Strain

After simmering, remove from heat and strain the leaves or powder out using a fine sieve or cheesecloth. As desired, you can sweeten the tea with honey or another natural sweetener.

Tea offers a fast-acting and relatively appealing way to enjoy the benefits of Kratom. However, the heat can slightly alter the alkaloids, affecting the potency and experience.


For those seeking convenience and precise dosing, Kratom capsules are a popular choice. Here’s how to use them:

Step 1: Purchase Capsules

Buy capsules from a reputable seller. Ensure they’re filled with pure powder and are of the correct strain and colour for your needs.

Step 2: Dosage

Follow the dosage recommendations on the label or as advised by a healthcare professional. It may take longer to feel the effects as the capsules need to dissolve in the stomach.

Step 3: Swallow

Take the capsules with a full glass of water. Be patient, as it can take 30-45 minutes for the effects to kick in due to the delay in stomach dissolution or digestion.

While capsules provide an easy and tasteless option for consumption, they do limit the bioavailability of Kratom products and may take longer to work.

Tinctures and Extracts

Derived from distilled Kratom leaves, tinctures and extracts pack a powerful punch. However, they also require a bit of a delicate hand to use effectively:

Step 1: Dilute Correctly

Mix the specified number of drops into a drink like water or juice when using a tincture. For extracts, you’ll want to mix a small amount with water or just swallow it straight.

Step 2: Dosage

Due to their high potency, always start with the lowest recommended dose for tinctures and extracts.

Step 3: Ingest

Simply drink the diluted tincture or the mixed extract. Effects can be felt much quicker than other methods, usually within 10-15 minutes.

Tinctures and extracts provide a quick and potent Kratom experience, but they are also more expensive and at higher risk for potential misuse due to their high concentration. Despite these concerns, many users prefer kratom extracts for their efficiency and strength. It’s essential to use kratom extracts responsibly and follow recommended dosages to avoid adverse effects.

In Yogurt or Applesauce

Mixing Kratom into yoghurt or applesauce is a palatable and easy method, especially for those who struggle with the taste and texture of the powder. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Measure and Mix

Measure your dose and sprinkle it onto your preferred amount of yogurt or applesauce.

Step 2: Ingest

Stir the mixture well until the Kratom is thoroughly mixed in. Simply eat the concoction to receive the benefits.

This method assists those with texture or taste aversions and can overcome the challenge of tossing and washing. However, the onset of effects can still be delayed compared to more direct methods.

Kratom Smoothies

Kratom smoothies are not only a delicious option but also a great way to mask the flavor and combine Kratom with other health-boosting ingredients. Here’s how to make them:

Step 1: Blend

In a blender, add your Kratom, fruits, vegetables, and liquids such as water, juice, or dairy-free milk.

Step 2: Customize

Customize your smoothie with add-ins like protein powders, sweeteners, or nutritional supplements.

Step 3: Enjoy

Blend until smooth, and savor your Kratom-infused health elixir. Effects might take a bit longer to notice due to the blending process and possible digestion delays.

Smoothies are a versatile, enjoyable, and potentially more healthful way to use Kratom. However, they provide a slower onset of effects.

Topical Applications

While most associate Kratom with internal use, it can also be applied topically for targeted relief. Follow these steps for topical application:

Step 1: Choose Carrier

Select a carrier oil or lotion that works well for your skin type, such as coconut oil or shea butter.

Step 2: Mix and Apply

Mix your Kratom powder or extract with the carrier and apply it to the desired area. This can be useful for muscle aches or skin conditions.

Step 3: Wait and Feel

Allow time for the skin to absorb the mixture. Effects are usually localized and gradual, so be patient.

Topical applications provide local and often discreet usage of Kratom. However, they do not provide the full-body effects that internal use methods can offer.

Is Kratom Conducive to Merriment—or Is There a Dark Side?

Kratom can indeed enhance one’s sense of wellbeing, providing energy or relaxation; it’s crucial to use it responsibly—understanding the potential for misuse, addiction, and legal constraints in many areas. Always thoroughly research, consult a healthcare professional, and respect the practice.

Remember, when it comes to Kratom, your experience is as unique as you are. What works for one person may not work for another, so starting slow and finding your ideal usage and dosage through experimentation and cautious exploration is important.