Bloggers are a unique species. Some of us write down thoughts every other week for fun and personal documentation, and some of us base our livelihoods on it. We probably annoy our friends for similar reasons, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Posting our personal photos, stories, and advice on our corner of the internet is a sacred ritual to us, and one we aren’t likely to give up any time soon. So, for your reading pleasure, enjoy 22 ways to know your a blogger. Put on your best Jeff Foxworthy impression for maximum results.

You Know You're A Blogger When
Michelle + I having a blog meeting in the office section of Ikea

 You need to make sure your bag is big enough to carry your camera, because you can’t go anywhere without it.

 You know a disgusting amount about SEO, and it makes you roll your eyes.

 You’ve come up with a semi-rehearsed elevator pitch for the inevitable interrogation that follows after someone learns you’re a blogger.

 People introduce you as their “blogger friend”.

 You’ve said “Work” as a response to a friend’s question of “What are you doing?” when you’re on your phone.

 You know all the abbreviations people use for hashtags (ex: #ootd).

 Your friends have grown accustomed to being forced to take “action” photos of you.

 You say out loud (or at least think) “That would be a good blog post!” once a day.

 Some of your favorite people you know were found online, but you’d totally meet them in person if you had the opportunity.

 You are no stranger to sticky notes.

 You feel slightly annoyed when you have to explain something in person that you’ve written an extensive post about already.

You Know You're A Blogger When
working on an installation in Baltimore

 You’ve paid money for web space, personal blog consulting, sponsorships, etc. You know, stuff that is completely extra because there are tons of free options for posting your thoughts and photos online.

 It’s possible the only reason you put make-up on some days is for a photoshoot.

 You daydream/have actual dreams about your blog.

 Friends give you suggestions for post topics.

 People assume you’re “tech savvy” (but you might not be).

 You smile to yourself every time you get a notification that someone commented on your post.

 Friends have used your blog as an excuse to photograph a hot stranger.

 You’ve received e-mails from readers asking you extremely personal and irrelevant questions (i.e. What kind of birth control do you use?)

 You’ve been recognized in public.

Observing you having a conversation with a fellow blogger about blogging is the same level of geekdom you’d witness at a video game store at midnight for an exclusive release for something Dungeons + Dragons related.

You have a notebook dedicated to blog ideas, content, and schedules.

What did I leave out?