Not all of us have the ability to know what it is we want to do with our lives when we leave school. Which often means that we can just go into any job, or study something that we are only mildly interested in just to get through those first few years. But often that means we end up stuck in a job that we dislike just because it pays the bills, or end up with a degree that doesn’t even lead on to any sort of career that you want to embark on. It is a true story for so many young professionals out there.

However, we all spend so much of our times working, and so it is important to establish a healthy relationship when it comes to your career. Having boundaries, setting yourself goals and doing what you can to make the time bearable. Even if you have to stay in a job that you dislike, it is still possible to have a feeling of calm when you think about it or discuss it. So here are some of the ways that you can have a healthy relationship with your career.

Is It Possible To Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Career? | Uncustomary

Leave work at work

Working can often be a hard thing to do if your job seems to take over your life. Do you find yourself bringing your work home with you? Do you feel like you never stop thinking about it, even when you are supposed to be relaxing in an evening? Some people who have jobs that can be stressful and demanding can find themselves getting into this situation, and it can be overwhelming at times. The best advice is to try and separate the two. Leave work at work, or if you must think about it, then allow yourself the commute home and then leave work at your front door. It can be a hard habit to establish, but it will help you mentally and enable you to have a much more healthy relationship with the workplace.

Establish friendships but keep it professional

When you are in the company of colleagues, it can be easy to establish friendships. These are people that will talk to you about things such as their evenings, their relationships etc. While it is great to have decent friendships in the workplace, don’t let them be a distraction. Or worse tarnish your good reputation. Keep things professional, even when attending nights out with colleagues after work. You will be thankful for this when opportunities arise in the future for progression.

Time for a career that gives you the job satisfaction?

Sometimes it is important to ensure that you have a relationship with your workplace that gives you job satisfaction. A line of work that gives you that feeling of joy and achievement at the end of the day, so is it time that you considered a new career path or job role? Maybe it might involve going back to study something like a doctor of nursing practice online so that you can take on a healthcare profession, or may it might be a degree on other areas like business or psychology which will enable you to finally pursue a job role that you love and feel passionate about.

Going for that promotion

Maybe you are in a job right now that has some real possibility for new projects and promotions. Often getting a more balanced relationship with your career means that you need to strive for the targets that you set yourself. This could mean going for that promotion in work. But some people are never sure about the path to take to try and get it? Perhaps you need to show your employers that you have initiative and are ready for extra responsibility. Maybe completing work on time to a good standard or being proactive within the workplace.

Is It Possible To Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Career? | Uncustomary

Having the confidence in your ability

Sometimes your biggest setback can be yourself, and often this has a lot to do with self confidence. If you don’t feel confident in the role that you have, then this can cause you to feel unhappy in your job and workplace. Meaning that your career then starts to affect your home life. Don’t let this be an issue. Take a step back and look at what you have achieved and congratulate yourself on that. A boost in confidence in your job can come from doing something well, power dressing or really taking pride in what you do. Pull back the initial love you had for it.

A healthy mindset in the workplace

Your mind is a powerful tool, and so it might be time to start thinking about how your mindset is affecting your work. Having a healthy relationship with your career has much to do with the way you approach your work and your thought process. Remaining negative about it can have a knock on effect and leave those feelings to fester. Instead, focus on a positive mindset and outlook. Think about the future and make steps towards it.

Always communicating with team members and line managers

Often good communication can be the key to ensuring that you have a healthy workplace, and if you do have line managers and team members that need communication from you, keep them open and be approachable. This can really help to keep the good relationships within work and also enable you to feel happy about things when you leave for the day.

Being on time and acting professional

Finally, the way you conduct yourself in the workplace can have a positive impact on how you feel about your job. So help yourself in this area. It is about being professional, and that can be in the way you conduct yourself and also in the way you dress. Think about the way you act, and take pride in what you do. Be on time, think ahead to meetings or projects that you have and remain committed to the cause. If you can hand on heart say that you do your best, then this can manifest into happy and positive feelings about work. Which in turn help you to maintain that healthy relationship with your job.

Let’s hope these tips help you to keep your career on track.