Did you know that International Hat Day is observed every year on November 25th? I think this is an unusual holiday we can all get behind. When I used to run Spirit Weeks at the psych rehab I worked at, the only day I could get people to participate in was “Dress Up From The Neck Up Day”, because it was easy to put on a hat! Lots of us wear hats daily anyway. For fashion, to keep the sun out of our eyes, to stay warm. But today is a day to be even more purposeful and deliberate about it. Pick out your favorite hat and sport it proudly!

International Hat Day | Uncustomary

Hats are one of the best props in my prop box that I bring out to parties, and are an immediate way to become festive. One of my favorite stories with a hat was when I was in a thrift store, and I immediately noticed this lime green spring hat, pulled it off the rack and put it on. I looked left and right for a mirror to see what it looked like on me, but I just felt good in it. As I realized there weren’t any mirrors, a stranger came down the aisle, looked at me, and said, “Buy it”. That settled it. And I honestly can’t remember getting more compliments on an accessory other than my rainbow purse in my whole life. (PS -stay tuned for Straw Hat Day in May!)

International Hat Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate International Hat Day

1. Go shopping for a brand new hat, even if it’s something you might only wear on “special” occasions.
2. Research hats from different cultures, what they mean/their purpose.
3. Knit or crochet a pink cat hat, and look up your next protest where you can sport it.
4. Make yourself a hat! There are tons of DIYs on Pinterest where you can craft a hat for yourself. You could even have a hat making party!
5. Practice your magic tricks and pull surprises out of a top hat for a captive audience.
6. Have a photoshoot in your favorite hat (bonus points if you’re wearing nothing but the hat)
7. Research all the different types/styles of hats. Do you know the difference between a Cloche, a Gatsby, and a Panama? Look it up!
8. Knit or crochet hats that you donate to homeless shelters or to maternity wards/infant ICU’s.
9. Look up all the different phrases that were on Frank’s trucker hats in every episode of ’30 Rock’.
10. Do some guerrilla art where you put hats on statues.

How are you going to celebrate International Hat Day?

Photos: Maura Housley