Did you know May 15th is Straw Hat Day? Straw hats go well back to the middle ages and can be made out of many different materials including raffia, hemp, and sea grass (as well as basic like– wheat straw!). The idea was originally to prevent people from getting too hot and then getting sick, and we still use them for that purpose around the world, but they’ve also become something we wear as a fashion accessory, like a scarf or earrings. Not for purpose, just for aesthetic! I bet hundreds of years ago people wouldn’t have bet on that!

Straw Hat Day | Uncustomary

Something I love about unusual holidays is not only that we get to bust out things we may have forgotten about or don’t remember to make time for, but we can actually learn things as well! For example, did you know that in the country of Lesotho (a small country in southern Africa), they make a very specific kind of straw hat called the Mokorotlo? It’s even their national symbol and the image on their license plates.

Straw Hat Day | Uncustomary

I’ve loved the relatively recent trend of the embroidery stitching of words onto the brim of floppy straw hats. I wore mine to the wonderful gem in Baltimore, Sherwood Gardens. I didn’t go early enough to see the tulips, but there’s always something gorgeous blooming in spring time!

Ways To Celebrate Straw Hat Day

1. Upgrade your straw hat with a fun DIY (turn it into a donut, add sequin lettering, patches…)
2. Use the hats as decorations in your home
3. Make a scarecrow and top him off with a straw hat
4. Send a gift basket, where the basket is actually a straw hat
5. Get yourself a matching straw bag (and deck it out with pom poms!)
6. Take yourself to the beach, pool, or on a picnic, the ideal straw hat lounging situations
7. Turn your straw hat into a pendant light with this DIY project
8. Use the hat as the base to make a fun wreath for your door
9. Get all dressed up and have a photoshoot in your straw hat
10. Buy a new one

Straw Hat Day | Uncustomary

How are you going to celebrate Straw Hat Day?

Photos: Maura Housley