Guerrilla art is something very special to me. It’s something that can restore your faith in humanity, just by knowing that someone took some time on their own to make this beautiful thing and then share it with you, a stranger. It can get a person out of their comfort zone of being zoned out while walking down the street,  and actually become engaged with their environment. It’s something that makes you smile, makes you think, and makes you create.

I’ve done hundreds of installations, mostly in Baltimore, but all over Maryland and in other states as well. I’d love to create an installation that incorporates the creativity and love from people from all over the place, though. Not just my own stuff.

In order to do that,I’ve decided to put together a literal puzzle, and I need thirty-five other people to help me make it. I have contacted a couple dozen specific people I would like to do this, but there are ten spots left, and I would like to open them up to you.


+ I will mail you a blank puzzle piece, and you would decorate one side of it (Yes, international is okay!)
+ The medium and theme can be absolutely anything you want (paint, pastels, collage– a word, a pattern, a drawing).
+ You’ll take a photo of your finished puzzle piece and upload it to social media (details will be provided in your envelope).
+ You will mail the puzzle piece back to me (and it must reach me by July 22).

Puzzle Piece | Uncustomary Art
size reference

Once I receive all of the puzzle pieces, I will build it, glue it together, and install it in Baltimore.

This is something that does not work if all 36 people don’t participate. That means that if you agree to do this, you’d have to follow through, and do so by the deadline. If that’s not something you want to commit to, please let me know and there won’t be any hard feelings! I need to make sure that the puzzle is complete first and foremost.

I will need all puzzle pieces back to me by Wednesday, July 22nd. Let me know if you’re in, and send me your address. It’s something I will document and you can add to your CV as part of an installation you were a part of. I hope you’ll consider participating! This is first come, first serve for the remaining ten spaces (again, this is not for all 36, some spots are already claimed).

In order to sign up, please send me an e-mail with the subject “Puzzle Project”, and include your name and snail mail address.

PS – Still a little over a hundred likes away from my birthday goal of 2,000 likes on Facebook! Help me out?

[edit: All the spots have been filled, thank you SO much for your overwhelming interest!]