Instagram Scavenger Hunt | Uncustomary

I originally wanted to do a real life scavenger hunt in Baltimore where we’d meet up, talk about Instagram, network, and go on a photo scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, not enough people were available to make it in person, so I want to alter and expand the challenge to involve everyone!

Things To Know

  • There are 36 items on the list. You don’t have to find all of them, but you need to find 15 to be considered for winning.
  • Photos need to be posted on Instagram with the hashtag #UncustomaryLove.
  • Your profile needs to be public, at least for the time being.
  • You can interpret the prompts any way you like, but if your photo representation isn’t obvious and you still feel it’s connected, please explain in the caption.
  • You have until October 4th at 5 PM EST to post all your photos.
  • After the deadline, I will check the hashtag. I’ll pick my two favorite photos, and the two people who posted those photos will receive a surprise in the mail from me as long as they’ve posted 15 photos total.

Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt PDF


My favorite two photos ended up both being from the phone booth prompt and they both incorporate pink! I’m going with it, though.

Public Phone … #UncustomaryLove, #scavangerhunt, #googleeyes, #telephone, #telekom

A photo posted by @fehlernr23 on

Pygmy puff pay phone #uncustomarylove

A photo posted by @katieladyrn on

Congratulations to Elisabeth and Katie for winning the Instagram Scavenger Hunt! They can each expect a prize from me in the mail.