After I went to the Monarch Workshop, I decided I wanted to send some snail mail to the fabulous ladies who attended to keep the magic going. Their response was so fabulous! Everyone shared photos of what I sent them, and I loved seeing it! It gave me an idea.

I'll Send You Happy Mail If You Post About It | Uncustomary Art
Photo Credit: Bethany Everett

I will send you happy mail if you post about it on social media! I’m going to make fun-filled envelopes to send to the first twenty-five people who sign up in the United States. All you have to do is post about it on one (or more!) of your social media accounts, or you could even blog about it if you feel so inclined (like Bethany did)!

Wanna play?

+ Comment below saying you’re in
+ Send me an e-mail with your name and snail mail address ( with the subject “Happy Mail”
+ Wait for your envelope
+ Take a picture and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your blog
+ Tag or link to me in your post

I'll Send You Happy Mail If You Post About It | Uncustomary Art

1. The Confetti Bar 2. Poor And Pretty 3. Style With A Kiss 4. Chic Street Social 5. Better Off Jenn 6. NYC Foodie Finder 7. Happy Healthy Hearts 8. Glitter And Bold 9. Michelle Bablo 10. Cassandra Madeline 11. Practically Intuitive 12. Miina Pawloski


“There are some people that come into your life and truly impact it. Your heart is so sweet & so creatively thoughtful. I simple adore you! Thank you for this beautiful surprise.” – Kristen Golembeski

 “Uncustomary is officially the sweetest person I know.” – Sami Jensen

“Well, THIS is the greatest mail I’ve ever received. Can we please bring back the days of snail mail?” – Kimberly Petrosino

 “Some people make this world brighter just by being in it.” – Sarah Polite

“This happy mail from Uncustomary Art made me seriously happy.” – Brittany Morgan



And in other mail related news, today Round 3 of my Snail Mail Game Show was mailed out. You can sign up for Round 4 now if you missed this one! You just have to wait awhile.

[edit: May 26] All 25 slots have been filled! Thanks to all the participants, I’m sure this won’t be the last time I do this.