I Love Yarn Day is an unusual holiday celebrated every year on the third Saturday in October. If you love yarn, chances are you really love it and you probably have a weird hoarder’s nest of it somewhere in your house. I mean, even when we found my cat’s treasure chest area he had even stolen more than five skeins of my yarn (specifically the super soft ones). I think yarn is really great because it can be used for activities that were once considered incredibly domestic and uniquely feminine, but have now been reclaimed in different ways, for things like radical self-expression and Craftivism (the act of using fiber art for activism, such as street art)! How cool is that?

I Love Yarn Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate I Love Yarn Day

1. Spin and dye your own yarn
2. Knit, crochet, cross stitch, embroider, etc. in public
3. Use your fiber art skills for Craftivism (You Are So Very Beautiful, yarnbombing, etc.)
4. Submit or use a pattern from Ravelry
5. Teach someone how to knit or crochet
6. Wear something that was hand knit and tell everyone about it all day long
7. Knit hats or blankets for the homeless or baby hats for the hospital
8. Host a “Stitch N Bitch” party
9. Patronize a local yarn store
10. Make yarn crafts that require no stitching like braiding it into your hair, making pom poms or tassels, wall hangings, or tightly wrapping it around a stick or hanger for extra decoration.

How will you celebrate I Love Yarn Day?

Photos: Maura Housley