I Have Always Been A Rainbow | Uncustomary

Yesterday, a total stranger reached out to me to speak in a summit based on a gut feeling and told me they had never spoke to someone of my age with so much depth.

Going out to get groceries, three men asked me out and I had no desire to engage.

I changed my tire pressure by myself, which is something I kept telling myself I was incapable of doing.

I wore a leopard print dress that pushes up my boobs, took the trash out, washed the dishes, cleaned the stove, and slept like a log.

The future is always uncertain, but I know that I have magic inside me. A lot of it innate and some of it I’ve worked really hard at unlocking and creating.

I am a rainbow, always have been, and always will be. No matter who I have in my life, no matter what house I live in, what city is on my license, how much money I make, how much I weigh… I am a rainbow. That part stays the same.