Suppose you are both a traveling lover and crypto enthusiast looking for new places to explore, why not use your crypto funds to plan your next adventure?. The e digital era is rapidly evolving, and so are the opportunities to travel the world using digital coins. Many businesses worldwide encourage the audience to use crypto as a regular payment method, so you can find multiple crypto-friendly  stores, restaurants, hotels so you can plan your trip using just your digital currencies. In this article, you can find some efficient ways you should consider to make the most out of your vacation using cryptocurrencies: 

Organize your digital wallet

Taking cryptocurrencies into the real world can be easier than it might sound. So, as you would do when planning your budget with traditional money, you should organize your digital wallet before heading into your next trip. First of all, you should take preventive measures to protect your money against any potential fraud. There is no need to access all your crypto, so you can open a new wallet dedicated for your trip, where you deposit the digital coins you are willing to spend. Moreover, consider that the most accepted coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, therefore you should make sure part of your funds come in at least one of them. Further ahead, if you would like to establish a budget, for instance, you can research eth price prediction from a trustworthy source to gain a glimpse at how its value might fluctuate during your trip and figure out how much to deposit into your travel wallet

Research crypto-friendly destinations

The modern world is starting to welcome cryptocurrencies as a standard payment method. Still, many destinations might not accept digital coins on a daily basis, so it would be better if you do some research to find the best crypto-friendly destinations to go fully digital. Other countries, instead, have a legal framework that encourages the population to use crypto for regular payments.  For example, these are some beautiful places that embrace cryptocurrencies:

  • Germany: In the beautiful capital city of Berlin, you can find multiple crypto-friendly businesses and opportunities to trade.
  • United States: San Francisco is a must-visit destination for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The city offers multiple Crypto ATMs and permits you to pay with digital coins for regular activities, hotels, and restaurants.  
  • Malta: The Blockchain island has a breathtaking landscape and has adopted laws that make using crypto easier than in other parts of the world.
  • Japan: Tokyo fully promotes the crypto culture. There are multiple hotels, local bars, shops, and luxury stores that accept digital coins.

Book flights and accommodation online

The next step when planning your adventure is to research the best deals for plane tickets and accommodation. No matter your destination and if you would like a resort or a hotel in the city center, the best thing is that you don’t have to use your credit cards because you can find multiple sources online where you can pay with crypto. For example, the easiest way to purchase flight tickets is by buying an airline gift card from your digital wallet, which is considered a valid payment method for many companies. For your accommodation instead, you can find unique hotels that accept crypto payment,  like igloos in Finland, a room with an incredible view in Cappadocia, or have a psychedelic experience in the “weirdest” hotel in Sri Lanka. Moreover, many traveling companies offer discounts to crypto enthusiasts to encourage the usage of digital coins.

Plan your itinerary 

Traveling is about the experiences you want to have, and discovering new cultures, foods, and traditions. So, planning an itinerary in advance is essential to make sure you don’t miss the best museums, famous restaurants, and fun activities that boost your adrenaline. Do some research to find recommended activities in your destination and find out which are the ones that accept crypto payments. Being a tourist is exciting, especially if it’s the first time you are visiting a country, and research is a crucial part of your traveling journey to make the most out of your experience and, of course, to make it worth spending your digital coins.

Make a checklist of the essentials

After organizing your digital wallet, choosing the perfect destination, and planning your activities, it’s time to make a checklist of the essential things you need to bring with you. For instance, besides the nice shoes and your favorite snacks for the plane ride, these are the must-have items for your trip:

  • Hardware wallet: A hardware wallet is a physical technology that keeps your crypto secure and allows you to make transactions safely anywhere in the world. So, if you already have one, don’t forget to bring it with you; otherwise, it’s time to purchase one.
  • Electronic devices: The phone is every trader’s best friend, and it’s probably always in your hand to study the progress of your investments but consider also packing your laptop for the days you want to stay in the hotel to do some work.
  • Pre-made outfits: To avoid wasting your time every day not knowing what to wear and miss the best opportunities for trading, the best thing you can do is figure out some outfits according to the days you spend on vacation and, of course, the weather.
  • First aid kit: The crypto world is complex, and it might give you headaches sometimes. Jokes aside, it’s essential to get prepared for any medical emergency while being away from home.

Have a backup plan

You might find yourself in the situation of being starved after a long walk around the city and want to stop at the first restaurant on your way to the hotel, but they might not accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. So, what should you do? Of course, you need a backup plan, so consider bringing with you some old-fashioned cash.

The bottom line

We hope this article helps you embrace your first full-crypto trip, bringing digital coins into the real world for the first time. Remember that for such a vacation, research is the key to ensuring you can spend your digital money for almost every activity you plan. Still, traveling the world like that couldn’t be more exciting for a crypto enthusiast!