Yeah. A lot of plans have gone on hold these last few months. Birthdays, bahmitsvahs, hen parties – even weddings. For any couple planning to share the day with a group of family and friends, the pandemic that’s shook the world has put a dampener on those plans. And if you’ve planned that special day abroad, then for sure, apprehensions abound. But as the world starts to open up again, it’s time to start revisiting those big plans that have seemed so distant. While we can all move forward, albeit slowly and carefully, it’s still a perspective with the future in mind. Getting on a plane is no longer a distant dream, it’s going to be the norm again just with extra caution. So, with that in mind, it’s time to start planning that dream wedding you’ve always wanted in Australia.

Why? Because of what better way for you to explore the world and make that experience even more special with the person you love and all the people you care about. Australia can offer everything you’re looking for in that respect: romance, amazing, scenery, diversity, culture, and unique city landscapes. Perfect moments to be in for the occasion and to capture for lasting memories on film.

For those reasons, it’s been a popular destination for couples looking to travel for their wedding for a few years now. Just because it’s happening in another country, doesn’t mean it can’t go as smoothly as you’d want if you were having it on your own doorstep. Here are the things you need to consider.

How to pick the perfect location

Remember, Australia is a huge expanse of land and a very diverse country. Within that all you have to choose the perfect surroundings for your wedding. As a starting point, you could start exploring some of Australia’s most popular locations. For instance, Sydney has always been a destination for urban dwellers, with iconic architecture — the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge — which makes it perfect for pre and post-wedding photography. 

Beach lovers, however, may want to explore more sea and sand type options like the Whitsundays. And there’s no need to stay on the mainland either. Norfolk Island with its beautiful rural landscape would almost certainly make your wedding special. The list is pretty long, so you could, and should, spend some time looking at what is possible, which is surely half the fun. 

Think about your guests as well

Destination weddings aren’t always more expensive for the couple or their parents, who might be shelling out for all the logistics and plans, but do tend to be more expensive for the guests who choose to come. One thing that can be said about destination weddings is that only those who really want to be there will probably commit to coming to your wedding in Australia. Although of course, everyone loves an excuse to travel. 

However, that being said, it’s a time commitment and expense. They should be given ample notice so they can plan their attendance. Provide them with Save the Dates — six to 12 months before the wedding — and then their invitation around two to three months before the big day.

Give them all venue and other details as far in advance as possible and try and negotiate good deals for them and even arrange possible itinerary items — things they can do while they’re not at your wedding. 

Consider the Climate

It may seem obvious but Australia’s climate can differ to a lot of European and North American conditions Most notably, winter and summer aren’t the same as other countries. Australia’s booming warm weather months are in December, January and February. June, July, and August are cold and wintery. Whether you want a winter wonderland wedding or summer fiesta, bear that seasonal difference in mind and pick a dress to suit the climate. You certainly don’t want to be sweating in a dress in the tropics that was meant for the European climbs of an indoor church affair. 

Don’t forget your marriage license

To make it legal, Australia officials will issue a marriage license and for that, you’ll need some pertinent documentation: birth certificate, consider the name on your passport as well and make sure you have arranged witnesses too.

You can come back home without a hitch — no pun intended.

Photos are courtesy of perfect moment photography studio from Sydney. If you are hosting your wedding there, check them out.