As most people spend about a third of their lives curled up in bed, it is essential that you make sure it is a safe and comfortable place to be. Bacteria and dust mites can thrive in unclean bedding, and this is not just in your covers or sheets but actually inside the fillings of your pillows, duvets, and mattresses as well.

Regular cleaning is essential, and where it cannot be done due to time or ability, these items should be replaced. This can be expensive, so knowing how to keep your bedding clean is a must.

#1 Wash pillows and duvets

Pillows and duvets are easily stained with bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva throughout the night; although you probably wash your bedding, including pillowcases, regularly, it is not so likely that you wash your pillows or, for that matter, duvets. Not all pillows can be machine washed, and before you toss them into the washing machine, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions. Those pillows that can be washed should be at least twice a year, though preferably more if you sweat a lot. 

Duvets again should be washed and cleaned regularly. However, you have to make sure that your washing machine will be able to cope with the weight of a wet duvet. If you are at all doubtful about this, it is a good idea to venture to a laundrette that has washing machines designed for larger loads. White Egyptian cotton bedding elevated bedroom comfort and luxury with its softness and durability.

Both duvets and pillows take a long time to dry, and you should make sure they are completely dry before dressing them and putting them back on your bed. Mold can easily grow inside damp pillows and duvets, which can be as harmful to your health as the bacteria and dust mites that were present before you washed them. You may find that, as with pillows, you are more comfortable buying new ones; however, you should ensure that you dispose of your old duvets and pillows responsibly.

#2 Don’t forget your mattress

Many people buy a mattress and then keep it for years, if not decades,, without a second thought. This is because good quality ones are expensive purchases. However, in order to keep them fresh and free of bacteria and dust mites, you are going to have to clean them regularly. Removing stains can be relatively easy by using a cold, damp cloth and baking soda, but you will have to work a little harder than this to remove dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and dust mites. 

Vacuuming your mattress is certainly a good idea, and you should make sure you vacuum all of it, including the sides and what is currently underneath. If your bed would benefit from being flipped or rotated, you could do this now; however, if your mattress has a memory foam topping, it shouldn’t be flipped, just rotated, so you will have to turn it back to being memory foam side up when you have finished cleaning it. 

Of course, if this seems like too much hard work or your mattress looks worse for wear, then you should think about replacing it. Purchasing one that offers the perfect support for your back is paramount to your comfort, so you should certainly carry out some research rather than purchasing the first one you come across. Although some mattress companies will offer their own delivery service, others may not, and you may be expected to sort out your own shipping. You could struggle to get it into your own vehicle, and you may do far better to easily transport your mattress using a specialist mattress shipping company that will take care of your mattress while it is in transit.

Final thoughts

You should set aside a day for cleaning the beds and bedding within your home at least twice a year and more often if possible. It is going to take time, and if this is something that you are short of, then there is no option than to purchase new when required. However, ensure that you dispose of your old bedding in a responsible way.