If you are planning to enjoy the rainy season with your children, you may want to check how you dress them up. This is the time when flu and colds scare most parents. It is critical for you to arrange the clothes for your children.

If you had an option, you could lock your children up in the house until dry seasons. But since that is not an option, you have to choose the most befitting attire for the season. We are going to share some fantastic idea that will make you work much more comfortable.

How To Dress Your Child In Rainy Weather | Uncustomary

Make It Fun For Them

Children love things that are shiny. The weather may be gloomy, but you don’t have to make the mood gloomy as well. Find some decorative things like shoes with eyes on them. This will make them feel warm at heart even in the freezing weather.

Let them choose the attire themselves if they are old enough to do so. You can guide your children through the process because they may not understand the implication such weather can bring.

This is not a time to lock up your door for them. On the contrary, children need to have more fun in their life.

If your kid is a girl, color choices matter a lot. Under normal circumstances, dark color will look great on the little ones. But in this bad weather, you want to go for bright color to add more life to it. Every kid has their favorite colors.

Boys are not so complicated; any color would do as long as it is warm. Know what your children love, and your life will be much easier.

Fabric Choice

The next thing you want to get right it the fabric. The aim here is to make sure your child does not get wet. What kind of water-resistant fabric can you give your children? That is what you want to use at this time.

Since you want to enjoy the rain, rubber or plastic leather should be a good choice. Everything from head to toes should not let water in.

It will not make sense to ruin clothes even in such weather. But you can make sure your children are having without catching a cold. Any other fabric can easily get wet and that why you don’t want to risk having your children wear them.

Avoid cotton because it quickly gets soaked and won’t dry easily. Cotton is only useful in cold weather but not when it is raining.


Children shoes are one of the things you want to select very carefully. The best water shoes for kids should cover the whole leg from under the knee.

Plastic gumboots are a good idea, but many children don’t find them that fun. Consider waterproof decorate shoes that go above the ankle. If it is raining, use shoes that can be tagged.

Getting the right preschooler shoes and other attire for this season should be your primary goal. That is if your children are schooling.

If you don’t know what to go for, use rubber boots. Teach your children to love them. The advantage of using them is that the feet won’t get wet, and chances of fungal infections are not a threat. Apart from this, rubber boots come in many attractive colors.

How To Dress Your Child In Rainy Weather | Uncustomary


How long should the dress be? It may sound like something easy, but it is very important to know how long the cloths should reach. Shorter dresses are better for kids. It will keep the clothes from getting wet as children play in the water. And shorter clothes dry faster even when they get cold.

The sleeves should not be too long either. Let the upper attire be long enough to cover every inch of what your child is wearing inside.


Don’t forget to give your son or daughter a small cute umbrella when they walk out of the house. You can try to match the color with everything else they are wearing.

You want to enjoy the rain in the open sky, and therefore you can’t miss an umbrella. There are lots of colorful umbrellas on the market.

Final Thoughts

It is good to keep your children away from the rain. But it is more fun if you dress them up to enjoy the season. We hope the tips above will help you.