If it’s your first time shopping for CBD online or you plan to visit a retail CBD shopyou need to understand how the compound affects your body. CBD is a complex chemical compound that is still not fully understood. Due to prohibition, we haven’t been able to experience the full potential of the hemp-derived cannabinoid properly. 

In this post, we are going to explain how CBD works. If you are unfamiliar with the mechanism that CBD impacts our bodies, you will further understand the incredible compound and become a better consumer and user of CBD. 

CBD Oil Explained

CBD oil is meant to be taken sublingually, absorbed under the tongue. Once CBD enters the bloodstream, it is delivered throughout the body. 

The more cannabinoid that enters your bloodstream, the better. Users who experience maximum benefits usually take CBD oil consistently. CBD oil is the most common form of CBD because it offers the best path into the bloodstream without serious health complications. 

How does CBD Work in Your Body?

Once CBD is distributed throughout the body, the compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is a complex network of endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes. While THC binds with the endocannabinoid receptors, CBD interacts indirectly with the ECS. 

Over time, consistent CBD use will lead to an increase in endocannabinoid production. Unlike THC, CBD can’t bind directly with receptors and create an instant reaction. Instead, CBD must be taken over time because it inhibits the enzymes that decrease endocannabinoid production. 

When we have a healthy flow of endocannabinoids, our body is much better at handling external events like stress, soreness, negative moods, and other conditions. While taking CBD may not produce instant benefits, regular use prepares our bodies by helping deliver a favorable chemical environment. 

Does CBD Oil Work?

Once our bodies are in a better place to handle common problems, life can be much more manageable. CBD isn’t a wonder cure that can solve all our problems, but it can improve the lives of countless people. 

Most users who have reported having a bad experience with CBD haven’t given the compound a fair try. Now that you understand that CBD takes time to work because it has to increase endocannabinoid production to deliver benefits, it’s easy to see why it won’t work on the first dose. Unfortunately, this is the problem most people face when taking CBD for the first time. 

Using CBD once may not work, but if you don’t take a substantial dose of quality CBD gummies over a period of time, you will never know if CBD can help improve your lifestyle. 

What Does CBD do for the Body Long-Term?

We aren’t exactly sure how long-term CBD use will affect our bodies. However, because it isn’t intoxicating and safe to take even in large amounts, it’s doubtful that there are adverse long-term side effects associated with CBD use. 

The effects over years of use are still unknown because a large sample size has only had access to CBD products for a couple of years. Before the Farm Bill, CBD effects on the body could not be adequately observed because few people used CBD products. 

Amount of Time CBD in System

The time CBD spends in the system is likely dependent on the CBD administration method. Taking CBD pills is likely to last longer than smoking or sublingual oil. 

Even though CBD is derived from cannabis, it is not intoxicating and not screened in a drug test.


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