How Being A Positive Leader Can Be The Key To A Happy Work Environment | Uncustomary

In a time of conflicting ideas, ethics and values, being a leader is no easy feat. As leaders constantly have to deal with the pressures of managing different aspects of an organization, even the best of them succumb to stress, which affects 78 percent of business leaders. When this happens, some of them often resort to leading by bullying, which can result in a toxic work environment. Leaders are often chosen because of their ability and experience, but being positive can also make a difference in the workplace, especially during challenging times. Whether you’re in charge of a small business or are heading a large corporation, finding out how being a positive leader can be the key to a happy workplace.

Better employee retention

Some leaders take pride in the fact that their mere presence can intimidate their subordinates, but if you want to retain your employees, it’s important to be positive. A recent Harvard study has found that employees tend to rate their leaders based on their likability, rather than their behavior. This also means that if subordinates suggested that they like their leader, they also rated them as being more ethical, transformational and authentic, thus giving them more reasons to stay with the company. To be more likable and positive without losing your authority, try having a friendly and open demeanor, and learn how to listen well before speaking. Also, focus on the person in front of you, and be genuinely interested in what they have to say

Being positive helps people to feel safe

According to DSC, creating a safe work environment should be a top priority of every organization. One of the chief responsibilities of leaders is to ensure the security and welfare of employees, which is why having safety measures in place to protect them from fires, crime, violence and other untoward incidents is a must for a healthy workplace and employee satisfaction. Being a positive leader can also help people feel a lot safer, but this time, on the inside. Working in a toxic work environment can make people feel psychologically unsafe, and 53 percent of employees say that they feel unhappy or unsafe at work because of bullying, humiliation, criticism and blame. Instead of creating this type of environment, introduce a more positive office culture to your workplace by empowering and rewarding employees. It’s also a good idea to focus on solutions rather than blaming team members for mishaps. Coaching and mentoring employees so they can find ways to solve problems can also benefit your company’s culture and performance. Doing all this can boost morale and increase job satisfaction, which can result in a happier work environment.

Ensuring a happy workplace

As a leader, you can take active steps to elevate the happiness of your team. Employee health solutions is one way to take care of your employees. Start the day by warmly greeting everybody, and deliver praise and recognition whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Make it clear that you’re open to conversation and that you’re ready to listen, and encourage employees to make their wellness and health a priority. With a bit of effort and a sincere desire to promote a positive work environment, you can have a happier workplace that will inspire people to do their best.