5 Ways To Make Someone Feel Special | Uncustomary

Most people have someone in their life who is special to them. From romantic relationships, friends and family members to people who pop out of nowhere and make our days just a little brighter, sometimes we want to be able to show them how special they are to us. We can spread joy and warmth to the people around us through a few simple gestures and some moments of thoughtfulness. Whether you choose one of the following ways to make someone feel special or you try to do them all, you’ll be bringing a ray of sunshine into their lives which could last for a long time to come.

1. Give them a gift

Buying gifts is a traditional idea but still a very effective way to show someone how much they mean to you. The most effective gifts are those we give for seemingly no reason; it’s not a holiday or their birthday, you simply saw something and thought they would like it. The gift could be small like a book or candy or you could really push the boat out and buy Omega watches online or jewelry like luxury watch bands for Omega from Horus Straps, but the important point is that the gift is something personal to them.

Women are easy to find gifts for, but what about men? You can opt for something that matches your guy’s interests, or you can get him something that the two of you can enjoy together. Outside of experiential gifts, you can solve your gift-giving dilemma with a thoughtfully curated wine gift basket. It can be full of booze he likes, but you can mix it up with delicious bites that will go well with the spirits included. And you can add some good, strong coffee to the basket for a nonalcoholic drink he can enjoy anytime.

2. Show physical affection 

Physical contact can have huge benefits for our physical and mental health so don’t underestimate the importance of showing them physical affection. This could be a squeeze of the shoulder or hand or a hug when you meet and/or leave them, but the key is that you stay connected. 

3. Relive happy memories with them

Remind them of positive memories which you share together. You could do this when you’re together by reminiscing or by sending them a text message to tell them that you have been thinking of them or that something has reminded you of them. This lets them know that they are in your thoughts even when you’re not together and can give them a real boost of self-esteem.

4. Make them something unique

This is a particularly good option if you’re strapped for cash but would like to give them something physical. If you have a talent for crafts, baking or even writing, make them something which is purely for them. You can make it even more special by including details which are personal to your relationship or which represent them in some way. For example, if you know they are a cat-lover and a fan of chocolate, some cat shaped chocolate cookies would be perfect. If you took a trip together which you both like to reminisce about, paint them a picture based on your memories. 

5. Plan a surprise for them

Taking the time to research and plan a surprise treat for someone is a fantastic way to show them that you know them well and that they mean a lot to you. Maybe you could take them somewhere that they’ve mentioned in passing but have never been or you could surprise them with a picnic of treats at work. When their birthday rolls around, you could try to make it extra special by organizing a surprise party with their friends and family.