Continuing on with the Honk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Believe In Santa” sign to share with you!

Honk If You Believe In Santa | Uncustomary

For this one, I honestly didn’t get that many honks! There’s a lot of factors playing into that, like the fact that it was freezing and the fact that I had no sleeves was probably more alarming than my overall outfit and sign on the side of the road. I’d also like to remind you that I shoot my photos a month in advance, so this was taken before Thanksgiving, and if you’re like me you don’t start any wintery celebrations until the calendar officially rolls over to December 1st, so I totally understand people not being ready for Santa talk when they hadn’t had their trash bag full of mashed potatoes yet.

Honk If You Believe In Santa | Uncustomary

I’m quite honestly not someone who celebrates Christmas for the holiday’s actual purpose. I grew up celebrating Christmas and I have certain traditions that I love to take part in, but I’m learning as I grow up that it’s all about making them my own and recognizing what works for me, even if it doesn’t fit into a box someone else created. One of the things I love about Christmas is the magical idea of Santa and the belief and faith it inspires in you from a young age.

Honk If You Believe In Santa | Uncustomary

If YOU believe in Santa, hop on over to Instagram and leave a car and/or Santa emoji in the comments to make sure we keep his sleigh flying on magic!

PS – This was intended to be a year-long series, but they seem to be pretty popular. If you’re interested in having this project spill over into 2018, let me know so I can start planning!

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Photos by: Maura Housley