Having a creative outlet can be incredible when you have a lot going on. Getting to create art gives our brains time to switch off, and channel all of those feelings into something that is productive. 

Art allows people to truly express themselves, and their feeding in a way that not everyone is comfortable talking about. As they begin working on projects they can soon find that they are building their confidence and happiness. It is not uncommon to find that art is one of the methods used to help people who are going through addiction therapy.

Healing Through Art | Uncustomary

Why is art so relaxing?

Art is filled with colors and movement and can be the perfect way for people who are non-verbal, not ready to talk, or need somewhere to channel feelings. Unlocking a creative outlet, not only gives the person doing it a new skill, but they can explore their feelings while creating. 

When we create through art, we generate some of the happiness hormone called dopamine. Dopamine is released when we do something pleasurable, and this can make us happier. 

As we work through difficult times, the dopamine we get from creating means that the art will have a positive association. 

Art offers catharsis or a sense of relief from strong emotions. In addition, it can promote personal growth and healing through the creative process, which is present in both academic research and clinical practice.

Art is for everyone

Art is not a closed practice, and you don’t need more than a canvas and some pens to get started. You might decide that you want to learn watercolor or that charcoal is your medium of choice. While there are some more expensive tools, you can use ones in your budget to start with. 

When we talk about art, that has a different meaning for everyone. Some people think of sculptures; others think about large canvases laden with paint. But what makes art the perfect outlet to heal is that it can be whatever you need it to be. 

It is about the process and exploration of your thoughts and feelings through creation. 

A study by the National Endowment for the Arts revealed that those who participated in the arts were more likely to report good health, more likely to volunteer, and less likely to commit crimes than those who did not participate. 

Healing through art

We know that creative arts offer a way of healing that is accessible to many people. Art therapy has been used to help those who have mental health struggles, anxiety, depression, BPD, and more. It is also used for non-verbal children as it offers them an outlet. 

Throughout the centuries, writers, painters, sculptures, and other creators have spoken about how their creative pursuits have helped them through times of grief and worry, as well as mental health difficulties. 

Art offers us a way to experiment and express ourselves in a gentle and explorative way. 

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