Podcast Ep. 12 - What Is Merriment Making? | Uncustomary

Today, I’m talking about my FAVORITE subject: Merriment Making!

You’ve probably heard me talking about Merriment Making, but if you aren’t in my Membership Group, programs, or paying close attention, you might still be confused about what exactly Merriment Making is.

So today I’m here to clarify that for you! Let’s dive in.

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In this solo episode, I talk about:

+ Origin of Merriment

+ My definition of Merriment Making

+ How and why embodying joy tends to be the most difficult part

+ We can’t embody JOY unless we address FEAR

+ The use of spectrums

+ How we confront fear to unlock your pleasure

+ Being a student and a guide

+ The signature Merriment Making Book + Program

+ If you have any questions for me about Merriment Making, please let me know on Instagram @ uncustomarylove and I’ll answer them in future episodes

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