Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and the actual history of the holiday is pretty grim when you look into it, today is still a good time to express gratitude. We always have the option to make things what we want them to be, including holidays, and I want you to keep that in mind today. Even if you’ve never been to the United States or you have (understandable) issues with the way the Native Americans were treated, it’s always a good thing to reflect on what you’re thankful for.

Every week, I make a list of things that make me happy, and I”m always grateful for experiencing joy. Last week, I shared a list of 50 Good Things, all of which I’m thankful for! I also asked the people of Baltimore what they’re grateful for, and received some wonderful responses! Reflecting on the things you already have is an important act, and I strongly encourage it!

The last seven years, I have spent Thanksgiving with Matt’s family. Since that’s not happening this year, I’m going to make new traditions with my dad and Bug. I’m also seeing my friend, Charlotte, later tonight. Friendsgiving! Do you have any traditions with friends or family?

Lots of people have been making some lovely posts about gratitude lately…

Zauberbear made a beautiful gratitude garland. If you’re interested in similar activities, check out this link! Gratitude garlands, trees, and paper chains! Get crafty with your gratitude.

If you’re thinking about writing thank you notes, Kristian wrote a nice post about how to do so. Be sure to check out the links she included at the bottom.

My dad found a foam door knob making kit at his work. It was so old, but I put it together. Isn’t it a cute cornucopia?

Let me know what you’re grateful for in the comments. I would also love to see any related posts you wrote or found!

Have a wonderful day, whether you’re visiting extended family and taking a nap after eating too much turkey, or you’re going to work like a normal day.

Gobble Gobble

I’m grateful for the times that Bug nuzzles my face, the feeling of opening up my PO Box, all the new people I’ve met this year, finding confetti in any given place, the ability to interact with my community, the support of my friends and dad the inspiration they bring me, pictures of animals in party hats, & every day laughter.