As important as I feel it is to document the happiness I experience on each specific day, it’s also really great to write general happy lists. These things haven’t happened to me today, but they are always good, and good things deserve to be recognized!

  1. Paying in exact change
  2. Opaque yellow cups
  3. When I remember to put on the bathroom fan before I shower
  4. How my carpet looks for the first hour after I vacuum it
  5. Candy you can wear
  6. When Bug climbs on my shoulder like a parrot
  7. Lyrics on CD sleeves.. in the 90s
  8. The post office is the only place  where you bring something in, pay money, and leave with nothing
  9. Ankle boots
  10. Sweatshirts with the collar cut out
  11. Salty chocolate
  12. When objects are exponentially larger or smaller than you’re used to them being (giant sunglasses, miniature art pallette)
  13. Feeling like you conquered something
  14. “Keep This” tickets
  15. The view from the top of a ferris wheel
  16. Cheese that comes from a pump
  17. When you do your hair haphazardly and it looks like high fashion
  18. Getting asked “what would you rather” type questions
  19. Brushing your teeth so well it feels like you just left the dentist
  20. The sound of opening a Snapple bottle
  21. Jumping in the water with my clothes on
  22. Realizing you have leftovers from a delicious meal
  23. Autumn mornings
  24. When ducks are in the water upside down
  25. Watching planes fly low above your head
  26. Catching something you were expecting to drop
  27. Skirts with pockets
  28. Wildflowers in the median strip
  29. Coupons for free things, no strings attached
  30. Getting unexpected support
  31. Liking something enough that you want to watch the commentary
  32. Bins of one type of item, all in the same color
  33. Realizing you still remember all the lyrics to ____
  34. Ignoring stereotypical gender roles
  35. Big bows
  36. The change in lighting on a stage
  37. Being really excited about a funny part of an episode that you’ve seen 20 times before
  38. Surprisingly good smells
  39. The narrator on Arrested Development (Ron Howard)
  40. Remembering unusual dreams later in the day
  41. Spotting glitter in beards
  42. Aesthetics of upside down ice cream cones
  43. Ron Swanson’s specific interests
  44. The band you came to see playing the song you really wanted to hear
  45. Accepting the “flaws” in others
  46. Crossing something off a to-do list
  47. Cranking the car stereo to full volume
  48. The click-clacks of an old typewriter
  49. Petting zoos
  50. How easily quote bubbles can be added to anything

What’s on your list of good things?

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