Happy September | Uncustomary Art

Hey you! Happy September! Thank you for sticking with me while my blogging schedule was sparse and sporadic in August. I definitely needed that time to focus on my book, and I appreciate your support. This month is going to be busy too, but I’m excited for the diversity of its busy-ness instead of just me hunched over my laptop for six hours straight before I remember that I need to do things like eat and pee. I’m also going to do my best to bring you quality content five days a week to make up for my lack of posting last month.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Uncustomary August challenge on Instagram. Look for more on that soon, including finding out who the winners are!

Happy September | Uncustomary Art
Photobooth August

I’m very excited to dive into September, the month where things begin to cool off around here. I’m also looking forward to my year anniversary with Joe, Hampdenfest, and my Instagram Scavenger Hunt. Those things might not be on your calendar, but did you know it’s also Eat Chicken Month and Self Improvement Month? You can also pencil in “Wonderful Weirdos Day” on the 9th, “Guacamole Day” on the 16th, and “Love Note Day” on the 25th. We’ll be observing the Autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, and you down-under folks will start seeing budding flowers in a short while!

My top ten things for August: + spending so much time to writing my book, and doing everything I can to make this a reality + the Kickstarter being over-funded + photoshoot day with Maura + getting a giant box of tights from We Love Colors, and starting to work with them + finding out I get to go to Canada this winter to speak about self love at a conference + going tubing in West Virginia + photoshoot, interview, and article with Strangers With Style + the fun night of Judy’s art show + getting a new bed and pillows + crossing a bunch of things off my Bucket List

Okay, your turn! What are you looking forward to this month?