I love unusual holidays, and this is no exception. It makes you stop and think for a second about something you probably otherwise wouldn’t have that day. Today we’re thinking about lips, for Lips Appreciation Day! What are you grateful about involving your lips? I made a list and kind of branched out to the whole mouth area without realizing it, but to express gratitude is to express gratitude!

Happy Lips Appreciation Day! | Uncustomary

25 Things To Be Grateful About Your Lips

💋 Eat cheese 💋 Drink red flavored energy drinks 💋 Kiss people 💋 Mwahing the shit out of pet’s belly 💋 Give hickies 💋 Blow bubbles 💋 Do bar tricks like tie a cherry stem with your tongue 💋 Roll, flip, or turn your tongue into a clover 💋 Wear all the colors of lipstick 💋 Open plastic packages with your teeth when you can’t find scissors 💋 Blow raspberries someone’s unsuspecting arm (or belly) 💋 Lick salt off the rim of your margarita 💋 Swallow medication 💋 Make absurd faces in selfies 💋 Play kazoos 💋 Spit in Billy Zane’s face right before the Titanic is about to sink 💋 Scream lyrics to your favorite songs  💋 Practice very bad accents 💋Laugh at your favorite comedians 💋 Drink out of crazy straws 💋 See how many cheese puffs you can fit in your mouth at once 💋 Salivate in a Pavlov experiment 💋 Smile 💋 Deep breaths out 💋 Have taste buds so shit tastes delicious

What did I miss? What do you babes love about having lips?