Last month, I posted a list of tips for keeping a gratitude/happy journal. Afterwards, a few lovely ladies let me know that they were inspired to start their own, and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I checked in with them to find out how it’s going, and I’m really excited to share their responses with you.

If you were hesitant about starting your own happy journal, I hope that these testimonials will encourage you to throw caution to the wind and immerse yourself in the wonderful joy this ritual can bring you.

Happy Journal

What are your rituals with your happy journal?

“For this first happiness journal, I chose a small hardback Moleskine because I wanted something substantial yet small; often I’ve neglected journals because I felt overwhelmed with “filling in all those big pages!” But my ritual with my pocket-sized happiness journal is to set aside about an hour before bed to both wind down and work on my journal. On days when the words just aren’t flowing, I either make lists or use paper scraps that I’ve saved (I have two boxes full of magazine clippings, cardstock, decorative papers, wrapping paper, receipts, business cards, tags…you get it) to decorate new pages that will eventually be filled with my precious feels.” – Jaclyn

“I generally like to write at my comfy spot in front of the coffee table and I try to do my journalling in the morning, but sometimes things get hectic and I’m not able to do it until later. I bought this awesome white leather covered blank page notebook with a handy elastic to keep it closed at the dollar store and it works amazing for my journalling. I like to add pictures pertaining to my mood at the time, but sometimes I don’t have a great mood so I add inspiring quotes to make me feel better, nice things about myself, or things to remember to stay true to.” – Erika

Happy JournalTrine

“My rituals are basically to write from the heart, when I feel happy. I don’t make it an every day kind of thing, because I don’t feel happy every day. When I do it like this, my happy journal is genuine, and can back me up on the not-so-happy days!

When I write, I include the date, and some picture(s) that are special to me, in order to illustrate the thought or quote I have written on that page. I collect bits and pieces of paper that represent something special to me and paste it in too; like a ticket stub from a good night at the movies, receipt from a good meal in good company.. that sort of thing. I also use washi/paper tape. Always 🙂 Makes it pretty and colorful. Other than that, I always write in it when I am at home, because that’s where I’ve all the bits and pieces I need.” – Trine

“In the morning before work I like to have some tea and check my email and whatnot, and recently write in my happy journal! It’s such a great way to start the day. I reflect on the previous day and just pull out the things that made me smile or were good, or that I’m happy and thankful for. I write about them briefly, sometimes sketch them. It’s a tiny notebook so my happy reflections are short and it doesn’t take up much time or feel like a big commitment.” – Olivia

How has writing in a happy journal affected your day to day life?

“So far I really like writing in a happy journal! It adds some routine in my life, of which I am currently lacking. I think it’s helped me to add some happy in my life too, even when I am feeling not so happy.” – Erika

“The happy journal is helping me through a struggle I’m having with depression, keeping me from the usual pessimistic thinking that snowballs so quickly. It reminds me to look for those good things all day, even if I’m not necessarily feeling it sometimes. That small act makes a big difference right now. I even find myself getting more and more excited to seek out things that I can write about.” – Olivia

Happy Journal

“Honestly, I didn’t really think it would affect me at all, but it has, and I’m surprised and glad about it. It has made me realize what happiness is to me, and also made me appreciate myself more, which is something I need and deserve. I want to underline the fact that I’m a realist, and that I’m not gushing for no reason here. The happiness journal just entered my life at the right time, I suppose. And I’m a better person for it.” – Trine

“Sometimes I’m ready to jump right in–because I have so much to say! Sometimes, however, I’m overwhelmed, and I feel like, because I have SO much to say, where do I start? But I find that if I just MAKE myself and just get started, I’m always HAPPY (journal) I did.” – Jaclyn

Happy Journal

Did they convince you? Do you keep your own journal already? Don’t forget that you can keep a journal in whatever way is the most comfortable to you. Decorate it, leave it plain, write in it daily or only when inspiration strikes. Everything is up to you, but I promise that this decision will change your life.