Happy February | Uncustomary Art

This month, I’m going to be participating in my friend, Jessica’s, amazing project: 28 Days Of Kindness. It’s a month-long event every February, where you practice–you guessed it!– kindness! I’d love if you joined us and hundreds of others, spreading joy and kindness to those in our lives this month. If you need ideas for random acts of kindness, check out this list of 103 suggestions I wrote.

We tend to associate February with romantic love and Valentine’s Day, but it’s more than that! If you don’t want to celebrate that or join in Jessica’s kindness event, you could celebrate Library Lovers Month, Black History Month, or Boost Self-Esteem Month! And don’t forget that the 6th is Wear Red Day and the 22nd is Margarita Day!

Have you taken a second to reflect on the first month of the new year? Here are my top ten things about this January:

 Re-doing my bedroom, and feeling more productive and adult (in a fun way)  Amazing parties at Cuntwhistle Palace on the first and last days of the month  Prep-work for the mail art show  The No Pants Subway Ride  All of Cooter sitting in the same giant chair  Being featured on Buzzfeed and NPR  Getting back into guerrilla art in a big way  Amazing TV that made me laugh so much  Going to my favorite museum with my girls  Being completely in love

And in case you were worried I didn’t take my January photobooth strip for my 2015 goal, fear not! Here’s last month’s and I’m off to the mall today to take my second!

This month is going to be crazy busy for me. Installation, new interview, and opening reception for the mail art show this week. And the rest of this month includes a Valentine’s Day workshop, PEX Heartburn in Philly, and my bar crawl event.