Happy April, beautiful.ย It’s Stress Awareness Month and Card + Letter Writing Month. You can also celebrate Pillow Fight Day (4th) and Draw A Bird Day (8th). Later this month, get ready for High Five Day on the 16th and Earth Day on the 22nd.

Happy April | Uncustomary Art

One of the best things about April is it starts off on a holiday. April Fools Day is a fun one because people tend to forget about it, and it gives the opportunity to pull off elaborate and silly pranks. Remember that a prank doesn’t have to be mean-spirited or make the recipient of the prank feel humiliated. Pranks can be really fun!

Balloon Cubicle April Fools Day Prank | Uncustomary Art

Late last night, Ashley and I went to her office to fill a cubicle space with 150 balloons. On the way home she thanked me for coming with her to help her and I said, “Yeah, I hate balloons, pranks, and free snacks so I’m really glad that’s over now”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Balloon Cubicle April Fools Day Prank | Uncustomary Art

And before jumping feet-first into a month I’ve historically made a lot of important life decisions in (whatย is it about this time of year in my brain?!), I want to take note of the good that happened in March. Top ten things from last month: ย Photo studio dayย ย New blog design ย Monarch Workshop ย Road trips for roadside attractionsย ย Celebrating Joe’s birthday and our 6 months ย The balloon prank (above) ย St. Patrick’s Day festivitiesย ย Parties with friends ย Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23ย ย The weather getting warmer

And don’t forget about last month’s photobooth!

Photobooth Goal | Uncustomary Art

Okay! Go forth and start this month off with a bountiful bang!